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Round 2…..FIGHT!

I have no idea what is going on. I’ve now gone from absolutely ZERO job prospects other than Toys R Us to now having two second interviews, one at Staples, and another at GameStop today at 2. I’m assuming that’s a good thing that I already have a second interview at GameStop immediately after my first one. Plus the girl who interviewed me was like 20 and seemed like she had never conducted an interview before. Side note, I’m currently watching “The Rocker” on HBO. It’s pretty decent.
ANYWAYS a few days ago I mentioned that I had received an e-mail from a Comic Con contest that I had entered about a month back. Well, seeing as how I still haven’t heard anything back about it, I guess I’ll fill you guys in on it.
Ain’t It Cool News had a posting asking people to submit essays for a Comic Con documentary being produced by Stan Lee, Joss Whedon, Morgan Spurlock, and Harry Knowles(that man who runs Seeing as how I was substituting for a math class that day I decided to pour out my nerdiness into word document form.
From the beginning the stakes were against me, mainly because they wanted people who were already going to San Diego Comic-con this year. Since I was already going to California for the wedding of my ladyfriend’s sister, and therefore was running up a massive tab for her, there was no way I was going to be able to afford both the tickets for Comic Con and another set of plane tickets for San Diego. I made sure this was clear at least three times in my little nerd manifesto. So imagine my surprise when this showed up in my gmail inbox last Friday:

Um. What? Do I have tickets to SDCC? No. Would I LIKE tickets to SDCC? HELL YES! Seriously though, I have no idea what this means. I responded saying that I had tried to get tickets but that they were sold out (true), but I have yet to even hear back from them, if I ever do.
This isn’t my first brush with almost going to Comic Con either. Last year G4 had a contest in which you would be their commentator for Comic Con. Seeing as how I had nothing to do that day, I made this video:

Get this. I WAS A FINALIST. Even with the crappy, non white-balanced camera work and shitty sound! Thing is, they never contacted me about being a finalist, and I had to find out from some crazy girl who worked at the same grocery store as me in high school. I immediately went to, and guess what I found:–Dark-Horse-Comics-Comic-Con-Winner-Announced.html

Yep. There it is. I was on national TV and had no idea. I’d like to think that maybe they tried to contact me, but my “I don’t know the phone number so I don’t pick up rule” was the case, but whatever. Maybe this year……….