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TV Review: The Stand

TV Review!

The Stand (2021) CBS All Access


Few works loom larger in Stephen King’s library than The Stand. Second only to his Dark Tower series, the 1978 meganovel details the utter desolation of the human race by a mysterious super flu virus and the attempts to restart being split into two camps: the peaceful inhabitants of Boulder, Colorado under the heavenly Mother Abagail, and the totalitarian Las Vegas under the thrall of the evil Randall Flagg. It’s one of King’s best works, chock full of some of his best characters (and character work) in his storied career as an author. There have been many attempts at getting a new adaptation of the ground, one that even had Ben Affleck involved as a director, but they’ve all failed until CBS All Access came along offering a new, nine-part miniseries for the epic tale. After a year that started scarily similar to the opening events of the book, and a star-studden cast with an actual budget to pull this adaptation off, it would seem like the stars were aligned for CBS to deliver just the treatment the source material needs, right?

Not exactly.

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