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TV Review: The Mandalorian Season Two Premiere!

The Mandalorian Season Two Premiere


After dominating the pop culture landscape last year, The Mandalorian has returned to save our desolate 2020 entertainment landscape. With Baby Yoda (fine, “The Child”) in tow, the opening episode of the second season of the first ever live action television show in the Star Wars franchise picks up where we left Mando and the Child, on the run and searching for a way to bring The Child to safety.

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Movie Review: Borat: Subsequent Movie Film

Movie Review: Borat: Subsequent Movie Film

Starring: Sacha Baron Cohen, Maria Bakalova

Directed By: Jason Woliner

“Jagshemash!” “Jenqui!” “Very Nice!” “My Wiiiife!”

Chances are if you were even passively aware of pop culture in 2006 that you heard any combination of those phrases ad neaseum from college frat boys, family members, or even wanna be SNL players (guilty on that one). Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat was everywhere, and while it wasn’t the introduction of the character, it brought him to a new audience that watched in horror and amazement as his Kazakhstan journalist wrecked havoc across the country, shining a horribly demented and hilarious mirror up to America.

Since then, the country has become more divided and fractured, with a raging pandemic that’s not as under control as the powers that be would want to you believe, a vocal minority that refuse to believe in science, and an upcoming election that pretty much will decide the fate of the future of the country.

In short, it’s the perfect time for Borat to return.

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