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Biggest Bummers of 2013

Well, I’ve gone over my Best Nerd Things of 2013, and now it’s time for the flip side. Instead of saying what I thought was the “Worst” though, I’m going with what disappointed me the most. It’s not Jetpack Comics’ opinions, they’re alllll mine.  I’m sure there’s some things that I didn’t like that you all loved (just like I’m sure some of you will voice your displeasure over my “Best” things of 2013), so keep in mind, this is my opinion, and my opinion only. So, without further ado, let’s get this bad boy going. Read the rest of this entry


This weekend I had a dream come true that I never thought would happen. I got to sit in the 1960’s Batmobile. Yeah it cost me twenty bucks, but come on, when would I have ever had the chance to sit in the Batmobile again?

If you’re wondering how I got to WizardWorld Boston this weekend, it’s all thanks to Jetpack Comics, the world’s first orbital comic shop, conveniently located in Rochester, New Hampshire. I went down with a couple of other co-workers to help run the table and shill our super exclusive “Spike” #1 variant, which coincided with the fact that Spike himself (James Marsters) would be in attendance, as well as numerous other Buffy The Vampire Slayer stars, John Schneider (from The Dukes Of Hazzard  and Smallville), Doug Jones (Abe Sapien from Hellboy), and even the original Batman and Robin themselves, Adam West and Burt Ward. Although I think I may have offended Mr. West a little bit by referring to the 60’s Batman show as the “old show”, he still fist bumped me, and hearing him say the words “dynamic duo” made me just about pee my pants.

A super blurry picture of Pa Kent

Many of the guests were extremely nice, especially Mr. Schneider. It seemed like every time I walked by his booth he was down for a friendly chat about both Hazzard and Smallville, as well as life in general. Around lunch time I sent him a slice of pizza, which he was extremely enthusiastic about. We’re pretty much best friends now.

Another guy who was extremely nice and approachable was Doug Jones. The Hellboy and Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer star was quite possibly one of the nicest celebrities I’ve ever met, and acting as the waypoint for his hug to my roommate was a pretty welcome surprise. I also got to meet some comic artists, including Arthur Sudyam (Marvel Zombies), Shane Davis (the upcoming Superman: Earth One hardcover), and Ethan Van Scrier, the legendary artist behind many of the recent Green Lantern story lines.

This guy’s costume was the definition of “movie quality”

While the show may have been kind of a bust for the store, I had a phenomenal time just getting to experience the show, and meeting some people who I never in my lifetime thought I’d get to meet. I really hope I get the chance to attend some more shows, but even if that doesn’t happen I’ll never forget this awesome experience.

Of All of The Joker and Harley Quinn costumes, these were the best. Kudos sir and madam…..
……And of all the Batman costumes, this guy’s RULED

Day Off!

Today I’ve got a day off from North Hampton. Apparently they believe in 4-day weekends, which is a-okay with me. Basically all I’ve done today is go see my lady friend for lunch, and attempt to turn my apartment into Mr. Freeze’s lair. So far it’s been successful, but if Batman shows up an busts through my porch window I’m going to be pissed.
My lady works at the campus bookstore, and today was the first day I’ve gone on campus since I finished the UNH teaching program. To say I felt like I was an outsider would be an understatement, although it was refreshing to see that there were still idiot freshman and that the guys at ATO were still “regulating”. However, I could feel the bad choices in the air that were going to be made this weekend already, and in a way I’m glad that I’m not going back. But anyways, I watched a movie.

Harry Brown (2010)
Starring: Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer
Director: Daniel Barnes
Consider this Michael Caine’s Taken. Or to put it more aptly, the British Gran Torino, except with actual killing. Michael Caine stars as the titular old fogey, who was a member of the British Marines years ago. After his wife dies in the hospital, he turns to his only friend for comfort. Unfortunately a few weeks later his friend is murdered by the crack heads who live in his complex, and after learning from the police of his death, Brown decides to take the law into his own hands.
I have to say, this movie was awesome. I had been looking forward to it ever since I read about it in Empire Magazine (the best movie mag out there, hands down). Unfortunately it’s a British movie, which meant that I’d have to wait for the DVD.  It was definitely worth the wait, and Caine is a badass in this movie, which is pretty unexpected, especially since he’s pushing 80. However, the way that he takes out these lowlifes is really awesome and brutal, especially since he’s using real British Marine tactics to take these guys down. Emily Mortimer did a pretty good job as the police captain who suspects that Brown is killing these drug dealers and pushers, but the star of the show is Caine. He goes from being a lonely old man, to a depressed old man, to finally an old man who will kill you without skipping a beat.
As a big fan of the revenge flick, I can honestly say that Harry Brown is not only worth the watch, but one of the best recent examples of a man taking the law into his own hands. The violence is definitely not for the squeamish, but Michael Caine’s performance alone more than makes the movie an excellent experience.
Now I want a team up with Harry Brown and Liam Neeson’s character from Taken!

I Am Literally Melting

Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian as Robin

WOW. It is too hot out. Way too damn hot out.
Today was the first day at North Hampton, and besides melting in my shoes, it went really well! The student I’m working with is a pretty funny kid, and the staff are all really great. All in all it’s been a pretty sweet day. But now we’re going to get into some comic book news. News that I’m sure is going to cause a pretty big divide amongst my fellow nerds.

DC’s blog “The Source” has revealed its plans for the “Batman” franchise when Bruce Wayne makes his inevitable return in a few months. Up until now, Bruce Wayne was thought to be dead, when in fact he was really just stuck in time, moving from one time period to the other. Meanwhile, in present day Gotham, Dick Grayson, the first Robin, took up the mantle of the Bat and became Gotham’s new Dark Knight, with Bruce’s alleged son Damian becoming the new Robin.

However, DC started publishing The Return Of Bruce Wayne, leading many Bat-fans (myself included) to ask themselves “so…what will happen to Dick Grayson?” Up until now, I was really enjoying Dick Grayson as Batman, something I will admit that I didn’t think I was going to at first. But now that Bruce Wayne IS coming back, apparently there is going to be two Batmen: Dick Grayson will remain in Gotham, while Bruce Wayne will travel the world, assembling a team of “Dark Knights”.

Bruce Wayne’s “new” costume

To me, this could go two ways. It could be really cool, or really, really awful. And considering Grant Morrison’s recent track record of Bat-books (Batman and Robin excluded) doesn’t fill me with much hope. Maybe it’s because I got used to Dick Grayson as Batman, or maybe its because Marvel already did this with Cap, but I’ve got a really bad feeling about this, especially when DC editor in chief Dan DiDio says that Bruce’s intentions are to “build a Starbucks-style franchise of Dark Knights”.

Maybe it’s because I grew up reading 90’s comics, but for me Batman works best as a character when he has fewer allies and more trust issues.  Creating a team of Bat-men does fit into Bruce Wayne’s obsessive desire to fight crime, but one of his big deals and flaws is that he can’t trust anyone. Bruce Wayne is Batman because he has trained himself to absolute perfection, and doesn’t trust anyone to complete a task(see JLA: Tower Of Babel). Again, I could be completely wrong about this, but my initial reaction to this news is that it’s really out of character for Bruce. Hopefully Grant Morrison has some crazy good idea for his motivations.

It Begins….

Today is the first day of my career at North Hampton Middle School. Although it’s not a full day, this will be my first time actually meeting the team of teachers that I’ll be working with, and meeting some of the students at their open house/cookout.  Tomorrow will be the orientation day for new teachers, and I’m pretty excited to finally be doing something career-wise that’s in line with my degree. In other news, I recently watched Batman: Under The Red Hood, and here’s my review!

Batman: Under The Red Hood (2010)
Voices: Bruce Greenwood (Batman), Jensen Ackles (Red Hood), John Di Maggio (The Joker), Neil Patrick Harris (Nightwing)

Well well well, color me surprised. I’ll be upfront, any new animated “Batman” anything is going to be fighting an uphill battle, mainly because DC and Warner Brothers had already achieved perfection with Batman: The Animated Series back in the ’90s. To this day, whenever I read anything Batman related, I hear Kevin Conroy’s voice as Batman, and the legendary Mark Hamill as The Joker.
BUT, the most recent title from Warner Brother’s new animation department has hit, and it’s very good. Under The Red Hood is an adaptation of the comic storyline from a few years ago (written by Real World: San Francisco‘s Judd Winick, no joke!), and it’s a very solid adaptation. In fact, I think the big reveal surrounding the Red Hood was pulled off better in this than in the original storyline.
The plot is a standard mystery, as Batman (voiced by Star Trek’s Bruce Greenwood) must uncover the identity of the new Red Hood (Jensen Ackles), a vigilante who is killing off many of Gotham City’s mob bosses in a bid for power.  As he and Nightwing(Neil Patrick Harris) investigate this new enemy, all signs point to him being Jason Todd, the second Robin who was killed by The Joker (John Di Maggio).
The voice work in this release was really well done, and John Di Maggio in particular really impressed me. Even if you don’t know his name, you’ll recognize his voice as Futurama’s Bender and Adventure Time‘s Jake the Dog. While no one can top Mark Hamill as the clown prince of crime, Mr. Di Maggio certainly carved out his own niche. His Joker is a lot darker and more sinister, and when the former Luke Skywalker silences his Joker, then I hope that Di Maggio is the first person that Warner Bros. calls. Listen for yourself!
Under The Red Hood is a must see for Batman fans, and is a solid rental for those who are curious. You don’t need to know anything about the characters prior to watching it, and it serves as one of the best Warner Bros. animation releases.
3 1/2 Batarangs out of 4

Look What I Found!!!!


It’s a secret.

Grown Up?

Today I had a “real” job interview. “Real” meaning that it was for a Reading/Math assistant position at the elementary school that my mother works at, and at 7:30 AM. It went pretty well, and they seemed very interested in my Graphic Novel curriculum work and colloquium. At the very least if I don’t get the job it could potentially open up some doors within the school district.

Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne #4 (of 6)
 We’re nearing the end of Grant Morrison’s tale of the time-traveling Bruce Wayne’s trek through the ages to make it back to present day. This issue was fairly straightforward, even if it doesn’t focus at all on any of the previous “time adventurers” side plot. Instead, we get a pretty decent look at Bruce Wayne in the times of the (wiki-wild, wiki-wild) wild west. As a bonus, Bats also goes up against JONAH HEX, which was pretty entertaining. I particularly liked the stagecoach battle, and Mr. Hex’s form of payment, but once again, I feel like Grant Morrison is purposefully not explaining a whole lot, and it does get a little confusing trying to tell some of the different players apart from one another. I am intrigued by the “Wayne Curse” that once again is mentioned in this issue however.  Not bad for those still following the series, but not the best entry so far.

The Walking Dead, Vol. 12: Life Among Them

Hollleeeeee #$%$! The Walking Dead is a title that I typically “trade wait” for, but after reading this latest volume I’m catching up and going monthly. It’s just that good. This is the best comic on the stands right now. HANDS. DOWN.
I won’t dip into spoilers too much, but once again, Rick and Co. find themselves meeting a stranger and being invited to live in a new, walled in community. Fans of the series will understand the hesitations that the group has for this place. However, writer/creator Robert Kirkman is now starting to plant the seed of doubt in our minds that this place may actually be as good as it seems, and that Rick may have now finally given in to the constant paranoia of having to lead his group for the past fourteen(or so) months. This volume of course ends with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, and I can’t handle the wait for the trades anymore. If you’ve heard about AMC’s upcoming series based on this amazing comic book you need to get on the bandwagon early before you’re left out in the cold. This is an amazing title, and by far the best use of the comic medium since Watchmen. Yeah, I said it. 

This is the cinematic trailer for DC Universe Online, which is hitting PS3 and PC this November. My new reason for wanting a Playstation 3.  God Black Adam rules, and I hope they release action figures based off of this.

The Quest Begins….

Good lord, trying to find bootleg versions of Comic-Con footage has become something akin to Dr. Jones’ campaign for the Ark. Or a way to forget the fourth movie….

Anyways, as of right now I’m watching my DVR’d Live footage of Comic Con by G4 and drowning my sorrows in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s “Americone Dream”. I don’t want to gripe cause I (once again) didn’t go this year, but good god, this year’s coverage is AWFUL. With the exception of Alison Haislip and Kevin Periera, it seems like no one is pumped about anything at the show. Not to mention that its production is really shoddy. I’ve so far counted 4 seperate times that there is a countdown to being live, the best one being when poor Olivia Munn was stuck in the middle of a couple hundred awkward nerds. Props to her for completely making an awkward moment even better by completely shutting down a nerd’s pick up line:
O: “What’s your favorite part of Comic-Con so far?”
Nerd: “Right now its you.”
O: awkward silence “I have no idea what to say to that”.

So far Ms. Munn has not been back in the nerd pit. She was however pretty much in love with Thor, I mean Chris Hemsworth, who seems like a pretty cool dude. Aaaannnddd I just remembered how pissed I am that they REFUSE to show the footage for Thor, Captain America, and Green Lantern. Is it that hard to throw the millions of people who can’t make it to the show a bone and upload the stuff for free at least a few days later, sans crappy bootleg quality? I’ve literally waded through a crap ton of awful fan films and one a-hole who posted scenes from Temple of Doom under the title “Thor 2010 Footage OMG Watch it quick before Marvel deletes it!”. Wouldn’t it be less of a hassle for Marvel and Youtube if they would just send a friggin’ OFFICIAL video?
So far all I’ve found is the audio of the Thor trailer, which is here, which apparently exists because of the trailer being shown in 3-D…great. Well, I’ll do my best to put it up as soon as possible, but for now here’s the panel for The Avengers where they revealed the entire cast, which was still pretty cool.

My Finest Hour

Wow, today has been interesting so far. I got my paycheck a day early from Jetpack, but on the way home my car stalled….in the middle of the road. I got it up and running after a few tries (and a quick 911 call), and it seems okay now, I just really hope it’s not something major, as I don’t want to be already having to pay for car repairs after just starting at Staples.
Speaking of that office retail giant,  Staples isn’t too bad. Granted I’ve only been there for three days, but it seems like a pretty good place to work, and it isn’t too stressful, which is much appreciated. I’m also possibly/probably/most definitely going to pick up a Playstation 3 tonight. I’ve broken down thanks to Best Buy’s really great offer and their seemingly excellent Reward Zone Mastercard, which offers no interest for 18 months, provided that you pay off the card completely within that time. I guess I’m now an “adult”, as I really need to build up some credit (not counting that awful Discover card I’ve had since my Freshman year of college)

SCOTT PILGRIM vol. 6: Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour
Today marks the release of the sixth and final volume of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series. You may be thinking to yourself “hey, isn’t that that movie with Michael Cera that’s coming out next month?” Well it is. And it’s going to be awesome, despite what the Cera haters say. 
Anyways, before Mr. Pilgrim’s adventures were being prepped for the big screen, they were a series of graphic novels by author/artist Bryan Lee O’Malley, all of which are well worth the money and are some of the finest works of comic book storytelling I have ever seen. This series is one that you give to people who are either trying to get into comics, or believe that comics are not “appropriate” forms of storytelling. O’Malley’s use of the graphic novel format is integral to this story’s success, and I really hope that Edgar Wright’s upcoming movie can capture that on the big screen.
In “Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour”, we finally see Scott tackle Gideon Graves, the final “evil ex-boyfriend” of Ramona Flowers. The problem is that Ramona has gone missing for the past year, leaving Scott an emotional wreck at the beginning of our story. Ignoring his friends, Scott instead finds solace in playing video games non-stop, until his roommate Wallace tells him to just “go have sex with somebody”. 
What ensues is Scott awkwardly attempting to hook up with some of his own exes, while also trying to prevent himself from becoming an “evil ex-boyfriend” himself. After struggling with “Negascott”, his evil clone, he realizes that he still loves Ramona and must fight Gideon to win her back. The problem is that Ramona isn’t with Gideon either. I’m not going to go into details for those who are still catching up on the series, but the final fifty plus pages are amazing works of comic art, and the action comes fast and furious. One of my favorite aspects of the Scott Pilgrim series is the many videogame shout outs that are given to the reader, and this volume has those in spades. The ending is exactly what fans of this series would want, and Mr. O’Malley offers a very poignant look at young love and what it means to grow up even though you don’t want to change. Ramona’s reasons for her actions are finally revealed, and she is, by far, the best character of this series. While it is bittersweet to see Scott Pilgrim come to an end, I’m pleased to report that it ends on a high note, and I’m sure Bryan Lee O’Malley has a very bright future ahead of him.

In Brightest Day…..

Today I’m going into Staples to sign the preliminary paperwork to start working. Suck it GameStop.

In cooler news, Entertainment Weekly has popped up with a cover report on Green Lantern, starring the one and only Ryan Reynolds. To the right is the picture of the cover, and Mr. Reynolds as Hal Jordan.
Now, compared with the comic book costume, it’s pretty cool, but the creepiest thing about this is his eyes. Look at that. To quote Quint from Jaws, they’re “like doll’s eyes. Lifeless”.  It’s like Green Lantern is sucking out my soul.

When Mr. Scarlett Johansson was first announced as Hal, I was pretty surprised, but thought it was a good pick. I mean, among the other contenders was Justin Timberlake, who, while I’ll admit is hilarious on SNL, is NOT Hal Jordan. I’m personally still stunned that Nathan Fillion was never even considered for the part, since every artist out there has made GL have a ridiculously strong resemblance to him. Bradley Cooper had auditioned for the role as well, but stated that he felt “silly in the costume”. Interesting statement B-Coop, as you were definitely one of the hair metal guys in The Rocker, which in my opinion is way sillier than being Green Lantern, a superhero who can basically do ANYTHING (as long as it’s not yellow).

Exhibit A: Dude from “30 Rock”, Fred Armisen, Will Arnett, B-Coop
While B-Coop would have been awesome as GL, he’d probably make a better Daredevil (if that ever gets off the ground), and Reynolds isn’t a bad pick overall. He does match up with Hal Jordan’s cockiness, and Mark Strong as Sinestro is going to be friggin’ awesome. I just really hope that this picture is photoshopped, like the Captain America pics that leaked last month, cause holy crap, I really don’t want to be watching shark eyes up there for 2 hours next summer.