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While I think the term “snowpocalypse” may be used too often whenever it snows, I feel that today is the best description of the coating of snow that NH received. I spent the day playing God Of War 3, attempting to sled, and getting stuck in the Jetpack Comics parking lot. I also drove to Ossipee, which was a biiiiig mistake. Anyways despite the snow, I picked up some comics!

Note: Today I had NOTHING that I regularly buy come in, so we’re getting a comic that ties into the last issue of Action Comics, and the 200th issue of Spawn. Be excited 

Secret Six # 29

As the note above says, none of my usual comics shipped this week. So, I ended up picking up the latest issue of Secret Six, which serves as the  second part of the “Savage” story arc in last month’s Action Comics. Secret Six is a series that I’ve read the first two trades of, and I’ve really enjoyed them, but for some reason I always forget about it when I have the extra cash to pick up a trade or two. That should change really soon, as while I did find out the rest of Lex Luthor’s confrontation with Vandal Savage,   I probably would’ve enjoyed the issue more if I had been reading Secret Six regularly.

The issue’s focus shifts to the Secret Six, who have been hired by Luthor to protect him from Savage. Seeing as how Savage’s daughter is a member of the team, Lex figures that he has an ace in the hole. While I knew that this issue wouldn’t be penned by Action writer Paul Cornell, I was still a little let down by the fact that there wasn’t a more in depth catch up page for readers who are picking this up for the first time, just so they know the complete story behind Lex’s quest for a black lantern ring. What follows is some good character work from writer Gail Simone, but to be it wasn’t anything that blew me away. I’ve heard phenomenal things about Secret Six recently, so I’m assuming this can be blamed on the fact that perhaps this crossover was shoehorned in as a way to boost sales. If anything, the issue has reminded me to seek out those earlier Secret Six trades.

Spawn #200

Seeing as how I haven’t read a Spawn comic book in over ten years, I picked up issue 200 primarily out of curiosity, and also because it’s an anniversary book that marks one of the first (and possibly) only comic series that hasn’t been published by the “big two” to hit the 200 issue mark. Unfortunately there’s nothing to help ease me into the new status quo of the book.

Apparently Al Simmons is no longer Spawn. Apparently he committed suicide a few years ago, and as a result, created a new species of hellspawns called “Omegas”. The Spawn suit attached itself to Jim Downing, a guy who has been in a coma, and is now being led by the formerly evil Clown, who is trying to turn over a new leaf. After a four page prologue (written and drawn by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, YES, THAT ROBERT KIRKMAN!), what we essentially get is a giant fight, in which Spawn battles the Omega Spawn, and Clown/Violator battles Freak. We also get some revelations regarding Freak, as well as Jim and Al talking about the weird void that they are sent to when they “die”.

Apparently picking this book up and thinking it was a jumping on point was a mistake on my part. While it’s great that Todd McFarlane’s creation has made it this far, I’ve been so out of the loop on the character that I legitimately had NO idea what was going on, and why some of the revelations mattered.  I’m sure Spawn die-hards(if there even are any anymore) will eat this up, but I was hoping for something that would be more reader friendly.