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I Am Literally Melting

Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian as Robin

WOW. It is too hot out. Way too damn hot out.
Today was the first day at North Hampton, and besides melting in my shoes, it went really well! The student I’m working with is a pretty funny kid, and the staff are all really great. All in all it’s been a pretty sweet day. But now we’re going to get into some comic book news. News that I’m sure is going to cause a pretty big divide amongst my fellow nerds.

DC’s blog “The Source” has revealed its plans for the “Batman” franchise when Bruce Wayne makes his inevitable return in a few months. Up until now, Bruce Wayne was thought to be dead, when in fact he was really just stuck in time, moving from one time period to the other. Meanwhile, in present day Gotham, Dick Grayson, the first Robin, took up the mantle of the Bat and became Gotham’s new Dark Knight, with Bruce’s alleged son Damian becoming the new Robin.

However, DC started publishing The Return Of Bruce Wayne, leading many Bat-fans (myself included) to ask themselves “so…what will happen to Dick Grayson?” Up until now, I was really enjoying Dick Grayson as Batman, something I will admit that I didn’t think I was going to at first. But now that Bruce Wayne IS coming back, apparently there is going to be two Batmen: Dick Grayson will remain in Gotham, while Bruce Wayne will travel the world, assembling a team of “Dark Knights”.

Bruce Wayne’s “new” costume

To me, this could go two ways. It could be really cool, or really, really awful. And considering Grant Morrison’s recent track record of Bat-books (Batman and Robin excluded) doesn’t fill me with much hope. Maybe it’s because I got used to Dick Grayson as Batman, or maybe its because Marvel already did this with Cap, but I’ve got a really bad feeling about this, especially when DC editor in chief Dan DiDio says that Bruce’s intentions are to “build a Starbucks-style franchise of Dark Knights”.

Maybe it’s because I grew up reading 90’s comics, but for me Batman works best as a character when he has fewer allies and more trust issues.  Creating a team of Bat-men does fit into Bruce Wayne’s obsessive desire to fight crime, but one of his big deals and flaws is that he can’t trust anyone. Bruce Wayne is Batman because he has trained himself to absolute perfection, and doesn’t trust anyone to complete a task(see JLA: Tower Of Babel). Again, I could be completely wrong about this, but my initial reaction to this news is that it’s really out of character for Bruce. Hopefully Grant Morrison has some crazy good idea for his motivations.

Grown Up?

Today I had a “real” job interview. “Real” meaning that it was for a Reading/Math assistant position at the elementary school that my mother works at, and at 7:30 AM. It went pretty well, and they seemed very interested in my Graphic Novel curriculum work and colloquium. At the very least if I don’t get the job it could potentially open up some doors within the school district.

Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne #4 (of 6)
 We’re nearing the end of Grant Morrison’s tale of the time-traveling Bruce Wayne’s trek through the ages to make it back to present day. This issue was fairly straightforward, even if it doesn’t focus at all on any of the previous “time adventurers” side plot. Instead, we get a pretty decent look at Bruce Wayne in the times of the (wiki-wild, wiki-wild) wild west. As a bonus, Bats also goes up against JONAH HEX, which was pretty entertaining. I particularly liked the stagecoach battle, and Mr. Hex’s form of payment, but once again, I feel like Grant Morrison is purposefully not explaining a whole lot, and it does get a little confusing trying to tell some of the different players apart from one another. I am intrigued by the “Wayne Curse” that once again is mentioned in this issue however.  Not bad for those still following the series, but not the best entry so far.

The Walking Dead, Vol. 12: Life Among Them

Hollleeeeee #$%$! The Walking Dead is a title that I typically “trade wait” for, but after reading this latest volume I’m catching up and going monthly. It’s just that good. This is the best comic on the stands right now. HANDS. DOWN.
I won’t dip into spoilers too much, but once again, Rick and Co. find themselves meeting a stranger and being invited to live in a new, walled in community. Fans of the series will understand the hesitations that the group has for this place. However, writer/creator Robert Kirkman is now starting to plant the seed of doubt in our minds that this place may actually be as good as it seems, and that Rick may have now finally given in to the constant paranoia of having to lead his group for the past fourteen(or so) months. This volume of course ends with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, and I can’t handle the wait for the trades anymore. If you’ve heard about AMC’s upcoming series based on this amazing comic book you need to get on the bandwagon early before you’re left out in the cold. This is an amazing title, and by far the best use of the comic medium since Watchmen. Yeah, I said it. 

This is the cinematic trailer for DC Universe Online, which is hitting PS3 and PC this November. My new reason for wanting a Playstation 3.  God Black Adam rules, and I hope they release action figures based off of this.