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End of the Line

Uggghhhhhh. Once again, I’m back where I started. The teaching assistant position at my mother’s elementary school was filled yesterday, and the English position at Rochester High School is no longer listed on their website. However, they’ve still got two Para-educator positions (and a secretary position), so it looks like I’ll be dropping more cash on postage. I’ve also gotta track down why Staples double charged me on my printed resumes, so today will be a busy day off.
But let’s talk about fun stuff. Like the Thor trailer I posted yesterday! Hollleeee crap! Since the trailer shown at Comic-con was presented in 3-D, this trailer has to have been leaked by someone at the studio, and kudos to them for throwing us unlucky nerds a bone! So sweet! Now that I’ve seen the Asgard stuff in motion, I’m really excited for it. Plus, with the film still a year away, the special effects that were already pretty impressive in the trailer will hopefully look even better.
That’s really all I wanted to talk about today haha.

Look What I Found!!!!


It’s a secret.

Grown Up?

Today I had a “real” job interview. “Real” meaning that it was for a Reading/Math assistant position at the elementary school that my mother works at, and at 7:30 AM. It went pretty well, and they seemed very interested in my Graphic Novel curriculum work and colloquium. At the very least if I don’t get the job it could potentially open up some doors within the school district.

Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne #4 (of 6)
 We’re nearing the end of Grant Morrison’s tale of the time-traveling Bruce Wayne’s trek through the ages to make it back to present day. This issue was fairly straightforward, even if it doesn’t focus at all on any of the previous “time adventurers” side plot. Instead, we get a pretty decent look at Bruce Wayne in the times of the (wiki-wild, wiki-wild) wild west. As a bonus, Bats also goes up against JONAH HEX, which was pretty entertaining. I particularly liked the stagecoach battle, and Mr. Hex’s form of payment, but once again, I feel like Grant Morrison is purposefully not explaining a whole lot, and it does get a little confusing trying to tell some of the different players apart from one another. I am intrigued by the “Wayne Curse” that once again is mentioned in this issue however.  Not bad for those still following the series, but not the best entry so far.

The Walking Dead, Vol. 12: Life Among Them

Hollleeeeee #$%$! The Walking Dead is a title that I typically “trade wait” for, but after reading this latest volume I’m catching up and going monthly. It’s just that good. This is the best comic on the stands right now. HANDS. DOWN.
I won’t dip into spoilers too much, but once again, Rick and Co. find themselves meeting a stranger and being invited to live in a new, walled in community. Fans of the series will understand the hesitations that the group has for this place. However, writer/creator Robert Kirkman is now starting to plant the seed of doubt in our minds that this place may actually be as good as it seems, and that Rick may have now finally given in to the constant paranoia of having to lead his group for the past fourteen(or so) months. This volume of course ends with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, and I can’t handle the wait for the trades anymore. If you’ve heard about AMC’s upcoming series based on this amazing comic book you need to get on the bandwagon early before you’re left out in the cold. This is an amazing title, and by far the best use of the comic medium since Watchmen. Yeah, I said it. 

This is the cinematic trailer for DC Universe Online, which is hitting PS3 and PC this November. My new reason for wanting a Playstation 3.  God Black Adam rules, and I hope they release action figures based off of this.

The Quest Begins….

Good lord, trying to find bootleg versions of Comic-Con footage has become something akin to Dr. Jones’ campaign for the Ark. Or a way to forget the fourth movie….

Anyways, as of right now I’m watching my DVR’d Live footage of Comic Con by G4 and drowning my sorrows in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s “Americone Dream”. I don’t want to gripe cause I (once again) didn’t go this year, but good god, this year’s coverage is AWFUL. With the exception of Alison Haislip and Kevin Periera, it seems like no one is pumped about anything at the show. Not to mention that its production is really shoddy. I’ve so far counted 4 seperate times that there is a countdown to being live, the best one being when poor Olivia Munn was stuck in the middle of a couple hundred awkward nerds. Props to her for completely making an awkward moment even better by completely shutting down a nerd’s pick up line:
O: “What’s your favorite part of Comic-Con so far?”
Nerd: “Right now its you.”
O: awkward silence “I have no idea what to say to that”.

So far Ms. Munn has not been back in the nerd pit. She was however pretty much in love with Thor, I mean Chris Hemsworth, who seems like a pretty cool dude. Aaaannnddd I just remembered how pissed I am that they REFUSE to show the footage for Thor, Captain America, and Green Lantern. Is it that hard to throw the millions of people who can’t make it to the show a bone and upload the stuff for free at least a few days later, sans crappy bootleg quality? I’ve literally waded through a crap ton of awful fan films and one a-hole who posted scenes from Temple of Doom under the title “Thor 2010 Footage OMG Watch it quick before Marvel deletes it!”. Wouldn’t it be less of a hassle for Marvel and Youtube if they would just send a friggin’ OFFICIAL video?
So far all I’ve found is the audio of the Thor trailer, which is here, which apparently exists because of the trailer being shown in 3-D…great. Well, I’ll do my best to put it up as soon as possible, but for now here’s the panel for The Avengers where they revealed the entire cast, which was still pretty cool.

The Point Of No Return

Well, it’s Comic-Con time, and once again, I’ve come THIS CLOSE to going. As you’ve probably figured out, those e-mails I received from “comic book” ending up leading nowhere. So for a second year in a row I ALMOST went to Comic-Con. One year……ONE YEAR I WILL GO! For now I’m going to have to settle with trying to find bootleg videos of the big reveals. Like this one:

So since I’m not heading out to San Diego to hang out with sweaty nerds, I’m going up to Ossipee for my Mom’s birthday. One thing about Ossipee: I’m amazed that I made it out alive. I honestly think I’m one of the 5% of people who ended up leaving the town and actually somewhat doing something with my life. Granted that “doing something with my life” is working at Staples and watching “Gangland” repeats on my days off, but at least I’m not still at Valuland trying to compete with the local Hannaford’s.

I’m even missing Pimp Vader and Boba Funk!

While I love going home and seeing my family, I feel like I can only be in town for 24 hours before I start to turn into Jack Nicholson in The Shining. I’m not big on running into people from High School and having to do that awkward small talk where you realize that the person you’re talking to is never leaving town. Perhaps this is why I’m dreading any and all High School reunions, even though I’m probably going to go because I’m curious as to who completely screwed up their lives, and who knocked up whom. But anyways…..
Yeah, this will be my weekend. I’m working at Jetpack tomorrow for our “Not At Comic-Con” sale, during which I’ll get to call a representative from Dark Horse Comics to find out what their big announcement is. I’m betting it’s more Star Wars comics, but holding out that it’s maybe more comics based on The Guild, and at least maybe attempting to get an autograph from Felicia Day. We also apparently got some more affordable Thor hammers, so you can bet on me getting one and annoying the hell out of people with it. MJOLNIR!

My Finest Hour

Wow, today has been interesting so far. I got my paycheck a day early from Jetpack, but on the way home my car stalled….in the middle of the road. I got it up and running after a few tries (and a quick 911 call), and it seems okay now, I just really hope it’s not something major, as I don’t want to be already having to pay for car repairs after just starting at Staples.
Speaking of that office retail giant,  Staples isn’t too bad. Granted I’ve only been there for three days, but it seems like a pretty good place to work, and it isn’t too stressful, which is much appreciated. I’m also possibly/probably/most definitely going to pick up a Playstation 3 tonight. I’ve broken down thanks to Best Buy’s really great offer and their seemingly excellent Reward Zone Mastercard, which offers no interest for 18 months, provided that you pay off the card completely within that time. I guess I’m now an “adult”, as I really need to build up some credit (not counting that awful Discover card I’ve had since my Freshman year of college)

SCOTT PILGRIM vol. 6: Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour
Today marks the release of the sixth and final volume of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series. You may be thinking to yourself “hey, isn’t that that movie with Michael Cera that’s coming out next month?” Well it is. And it’s going to be awesome, despite what the Cera haters say. 
Anyways, before Mr. Pilgrim’s adventures were being prepped for the big screen, they were a series of graphic novels by author/artist Bryan Lee O’Malley, all of which are well worth the money and are some of the finest works of comic book storytelling I have ever seen. This series is one that you give to people who are either trying to get into comics, or believe that comics are not “appropriate” forms of storytelling. O’Malley’s use of the graphic novel format is integral to this story’s success, and I really hope that Edgar Wright’s upcoming movie can capture that on the big screen.
In “Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour”, we finally see Scott tackle Gideon Graves, the final “evil ex-boyfriend” of Ramona Flowers. The problem is that Ramona has gone missing for the past year, leaving Scott an emotional wreck at the beginning of our story. Ignoring his friends, Scott instead finds solace in playing video games non-stop, until his roommate Wallace tells him to just “go have sex with somebody”. 
What ensues is Scott awkwardly attempting to hook up with some of his own exes, while also trying to prevent himself from becoming an “evil ex-boyfriend” himself. After struggling with “Negascott”, his evil clone, he realizes that he still loves Ramona and must fight Gideon to win her back. The problem is that Ramona isn’t with Gideon either. I’m not going to go into details for those who are still catching up on the series, but the final fifty plus pages are amazing works of comic art, and the action comes fast and furious. One of my favorite aspects of the Scott Pilgrim series is the many videogame shout outs that are given to the reader, and this volume has those in spades. The ending is exactly what fans of this series would want, and Mr. O’Malley offers a very poignant look at young love and what it means to grow up even though you don’t want to change. Ramona’s reasons for her actions are finally revealed, and she is, by far, the best character of this series. While it is bittersweet to see Scott Pilgrim come to an end, I’m pleased to report that it ends on a high note, and I’m sure Bryan Lee O’Malley has a very bright future ahead of him.

Takin’ What They’re Givin’….

CAUSE I’M WORKING FOR A LIVIN’! First day at Staples! Woo! Basically all I did today was run the register, which was fine, cause I was making money and out of my apartment for once. I was mad tired though, mainly because of my insanely busy weekend. First was Inception, then Six Flags, which was a lot of fun, despite the fact that it was A) 96 degrees out, and B) that I spent way too much money on dumb nerd stuff. But who ELSE can boast an awesome “Legion Of Doom” t-shirt and Batman bottle opener? That’s right, NO ONE.
BUT NOW…………my first (non-facebook) MOVIE REVIEW!

Director: Christopher Nolan
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, Tom Hardy, Ellen Page

Ladies and gentlemen, exhibit #1,234 of why Christopher Nolan is one of our generation’s best filmmakers. Inception is a movie that Nolan has been working on for the past TEN YEARS, and his devotion to the film he has created shows in every scene. Nolan has created a world full of incredible visuals, engrossing characters, and a central mystery that stays with you long after the final scene.
I’m going to do my best to not spoil anything for you. Leo stars as Dom Cobb, a man who can enter your mind while you are dreaming (via a “dream machine”) and steal your deepest secrets. He is of course hired by companies to uncover the secrets of their rivals, something that one would assume comes at a very high price. 
However, the main job that drives the plot for this film is Cobb being hired to commit “inception”: to plant an idea inside the mind of the heir to a company, preventing it from becoming a monopoly. Arthur, played by Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, says that it’s “impossible”, while Cobb believes that he can do it (and audiences will find out why). With the aid of his crew of thieves, they enter the mind of this young businessman (played by Scarecrow himself, Cillian Murphy), and start to put their plan in action, even though Cobb is keeping a secret from his accomplices. A secret that could kill all of them. 
Every actor in this movie is at the top of their game. JGL’s “Arthur” is a great member of the team, both badass and hilarious, and I hope the rumors of him playing The Riddler in the next Batman movie are true, as he would be a stellar addition to the amazing list of actors who have recently portrayed members of the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery. Tom Hardy oozes charisma as Eames, the “forger” of the group, and I have no doubt that he will go on to bigger roles thanks to this role (in fact, he’s replacing Mel Gibson for the new “Mad Max” movie). Ellen Page serves as “the architect” of the group, and as the newcomer she learns about the rules of the dream world alongside us, the audience. Marion Cotillard is “Mal”, Cobb’s mysterious wife, and the less said about her the better, as anything more would ruin one of the movie’s best surprises. 
With Inception Christopher Nolan has created a modern day classic. Equal parts The Matrix, Blade Runner, and old-school 007 movies, Inception is the movie that WILL get Nolan the Best Picture Oscar nomination he has deserved countless times before *COUGH*DARK KNIGHT*COUGH*,  and it is one of the few bright spots in a summer filled with lackluster sequels and crappy 3-D effects. Just like people remember when they saw Jaws or Jurassic Park in years past, people will remember the first time they saw Inception twenty years from now. 

Well, Well, Well, Guess Who Called?

SO, Toys R Us finally called me today, stating how sorry they were that my background check took so long (we’re coming up on almost a MONTH) and asking if I still wanted the job or not. I politely declined, seeing as how Staples will be offering me even more money than they ever would. Also, I still haven’t heard from GameStop, so I’m guessing that’s not happening.
Today’s post is gonna be brief, as I’ve got a pretty full day today (finally). I’ve got to go in at noon-thirty to watch the Staples employee video, and then I’ve got to jet up to the comic store to help out at another Magic tournament thingy. Tomorrow I’m finally checking out Inception, so keep it posted here for a review either Sunday or Monday…..probably Monday, cause I’m going to Six Flags on Sunday. Busy weekend!

In Brightest Day…..

Today I’m going into Staples to sign the preliminary paperwork to start working. Suck it GameStop.

In cooler news, Entertainment Weekly has popped up with a cover report on Green Lantern, starring the one and only Ryan Reynolds. To the right is the picture of the cover, and Mr. Reynolds as Hal Jordan.
Now, compared with the comic book costume, it’s pretty cool, but the creepiest thing about this is his eyes. Look at that. To quote Quint from Jaws, they’re “like doll’s eyes. Lifeless”.  It’s like Green Lantern is sucking out my soul.

When Mr. Scarlett Johansson was first announced as Hal, I was pretty surprised, but thought it was a good pick. I mean, among the other contenders was Justin Timberlake, who, while I’ll admit is hilarious on SNL, is NOT Hal Jordan. I’m personally still stunned that Nathan Fillion was never even considered for the part, since every artist out there has made GL have a ridiculously strong resemblance to him. Bradley Cooper had auditioned for the role as well, but stated that he felt “silly in the costume”. Interesting statement B-Coop, as you were definitely one of the hair metal guys in The Rocker, which in my opinion is way sillier than being Green Lantern, a superhero who can basically do ANYTHING (as long as it’s not yellow).

Exhibit A: Dude from “30 Rock”, Fred Armisen, Will Arnett, B-Coop
While B-Coop would have been awesome as GL, he’d probably make a better Daredevil (if that ever gets off the ground), and Reynolds isn’t a bad pick overall. He does match up with Hal Jordan’s cockiness, and Mark Strong as Sinestro is going to be friggin’ awesome. I just really hope that this picture is photoshopped, like the Captain America pics that leaked last month, cause holy crap, I really don’t want to be watching shark eyes up there for 2 hours next summer. 

Decisions, Decisions (and Comic Book Reviews!)

So my interview with GameStop went really well. I’m supposed to hear back today at some point. But life can’t be easy, can it?
As the one of you who read this blog know, I had a Staples interview today. To be completely honest, I thought I had botched the whole thing, only to have them offer me a job as a “Tech Solutions” rep/Salesman. Not entirely what I was expecting, but they’ll pay me 9.05 an hour to do it, and train me. So unless GameStop can offer me something similar (or better), it looks like I’ll be toiling away at Staples.

Hey it’s Wednesday, which means COMIC BOOK REVIEWS!!!!!!

Superman #701
Okay, I’m going to preface this by saying that I’m not the world’s biggest Superman fan. While I appreciate the character as a comic book fan, to me he’s too perfect to really relate to, or read on a regular basis. However, here comes J. Michael Stracznski, the awesome writer of The Brave and The Bold, Thor and the first couple of years of his Amazing Spider-man run (before he had the reveal that Gwen Stacy had kids with Norman Osborn). JMS has made it very publicly known that he loves Superman, and now he finally has the chance to tell the story that’s been festering in his brain for years. Issue 701 is the first act of “Grounded”, in which Superman decides to walk…across America. He still flies when necessary, but is staying on the ground on a search to find America and what it means to be a hero. While the idea of him walking cross country until he “finds what he’s looking for” (Cue U2!) is a little hokey, I really enjoyed the snippets where Supes is walking through small town America, particularly the old man on the porch with the heart problem.
An enjoyable issue, but for now I’m keeping it on an issue by issue basis.

Batman #701
Grant Morrison is back on Batman, and depending on your thoughts on “Batman R.I.P.” it may be a good or a bad thing. While I definitely understand the criticism of “R.I.P.”, I found that it read a lot easier in collected form, and Morrison’s Batman and Robin is a must read comic for me whenever it comes out. This issue has Morrison and artist Tony Daniel re-team to fill in the blanks on what happened to Bruce Wayne between the events of “R.I.P” and Final Crisis, where Bats got hit by Darkseid’s omega beam and was thought to be dead but in fact sent back in time (yes, I know).
Perhaps it’s cause I am in the clan of people who usually enjoy Morrison’s work, but I felt this issue was very easy to read and enjoyable. It seems that maybe Morrison has finally started to listen to the criticism (both deserved and undeserved) being sent his way and is answering some of the questions that he thought people would be able to figure out. While I’m still not entirely sold on the “Dr. Hurt” angle here, I am glad we’re seeing the pieces being put together, and Tony Daniel’s art, as usual, is great. A must read for those who love everything Morrison touches or Batman fans, but unless you’ve been trying to catch up on this whole “Return Of Bruce Wayne” event via the trades, I’d say wait until the eventual “R.I.P.” Omnibus.