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In Brightest Day…..

Today I’m going into Staples to sign the preliminary paperwork to start working. Suck it GameStop.

In cooler news, Entertainment Weekly has popped up with a cover report on Green Lantern, starring the one and only Ryan Reynolds. To the right is the picture of the cover, and Mr. Reynolds as Hal Jordan.
Now, compared with the comic book costume, it’s pretty cool, but the creepiest thing about this is his eyes. Look at that. To quote Quint from Jaws, they’re “like doll’s eyes. Lifeless”.  It’s like Green Lantern is sucking out my soul.

When Mr. Scarlett Johansson was first announced as Hal, I was pretty surprised, but thought it was a good pick. I mean, among the other contenders was Justin Timberlake, who, while I’ll admit is hilarious on SNL, is NOT Hal Jordan. I’m personally still stunned that Nathan Fillion was never even considered for the part, since every artist out there has made GL have a ridiculously strong resemblance to him. Bradley Cooper had auditioned for the role as well, but stated that he felt “silly in the costume”. Interesting statement B-Coop, as you were definitely one of the hair metal guys in The Rocker, which in my opinion is way sillier than being Green Lantern, a superhero who can basically do ANYTHING (as long as it’s not yellow).

Exhibit A: Dude from “30 Rock”, Fred Armisen, Will Arnett, B-Coop
While B-Coop would have been awesome as GL, he’d probably make a better Daredevil (if that ever gets off the ground), and Reynolds isn’t a bad pick overall. He does match up with Hal Jordan’s cockiness, and Mark Strong as Sinestro is going to be friggin’ awesome. I just really hope that this picture is photoshopped, like the Captain America pics that leaked last month, cause holy crap, I really don’t want to be watching shark eyes up there for 2 hours next summer.