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Comic Reviews: Daredevil and Undertow!


comics-marvel-daredevil-36Daredevil #36 (Marvel Comics)

The “final” issue of Daredevil has arrived, and just like any other month, it’s stellar. At this point, writer Mark Waid and artist Chris Samnee can do no wrong, as they’ve consistently put out one of the finest superhero books on the stands month in and month out.  Issue 36 is no exception, as it closes the door on one chapter of Matt Murdock’s life, and opens the door to a brand new one.

Under threat from the serpent society, Matt Murdock must clear a guilty man. If he doesn’t, then the world will know a truth that Matt has struggled long to keep hidden: his identity as Daredevil.  Matt’s plan to get out of his situation is spectacular, and no, I won’t spoil it. I will spoil, however, the fact that this does not end on the super down note that I was expecting it to. In fact, Daredevil  #36 is one of the most fun comics I’ve read so far this year. Waid’s script keeps you guessing as to how the issue will play out, and the art from Chris Samnee is absolutely stunning. Read the rest of this entry