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Comic Reviews: Monsters Unleashed and Curse Words!


monsters_unleashed_1_coverMonsters Unleashed #1 (of 5) (Marvel Comics)

Well, here we go, another Marvel event. While it doesn’t have the scale of Civil War II or Secret Wars, Monsters Unleashed is here, with the promotional drive one would expect from the “House of Ideas”. Each issue features a different artist (this opening one featuring art by Steve McNiven), and it’s written by Cullen Bunn, a writer who’s known for Marvel work like Magneto and Venom, as well as writing a pretty successful Godzilla run for IDW. While I have little interest in the giant monsters of the Marvel universe attacking en masse, I have to admit, Monsters Unleashed is a fun throwback to a time when Marvel didn’t have their heroes fighting one another or universe shaking events every 3 months. Read the rest of this entry

Monsters Unleashed?

monstersunleashed-promo-0916So we finally have an idea of just what Marvel’s “Monsters Unleashed” is going to look like when it hits in January of 2017, and…it’s not exactly what I was expecting. Instead of this being a new storyline event featuring the returns of Werewolf By Night, Frankenstein, and other Marvel Monsters that were made famous in the 1970’s. Instead, it will be monsters like Fin Fang Foom, Devil Dinosaur, and even Groot attacking the Marvel Universe all at once, causing the Marvel Heroes to team up and save the planet. Oh, it’s also going to reintroduce Darkhawk into the Marvel Universe for some reason. It sounds…. different. Read the rest of this entry