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Marvel vs. DC: A Modern Day Throwdown

marvel_vs_dc_poster_by_deffectx-d95a5a8I know what you’re thinking: “really, an article about Marvel Vs. DC movies? Again?”

Well hold your horses pal, cause this isn’t that kind of article. While the internet would have you believe that I’d be comparing the Marvel Studios films to the just starting up DC films from Warner Bros, I’m looking at the real battle that’s been raging for decades: the comics. Like everything, the battle between Marvel and DC has ebbed and flowed in favor of either side, and both publishers have always had their strengths and weaknesses. So today we’re going to look at the two publishers in key categories: characters, writers, artists, and direction. Read the rest of this entry

The Invincible Infamous Iron Man

Image.jpgAs expected, Marvel has started announcing a slew of titles for their upcoming “Divided We Stand” publishing initiative, which will see another batch of renumbered series and new titles coming our way. So far we’ve got U.S. Avengers, The Champions, the Great Lakes Avengers, and not one, but TWO Iron Man series: The Infamous Iron Man, in which Victor Von Doom (presumably) takes over for Tony Stark, and Invincible Iron Man, which stars new character Riri Williams as the next person to take up the mantle of the Armored Avenger.

If you can imagine, the Internet reacted accordingly. Read the rest of this entry

Marvel Now……AGAIN?!?!?!

MarvelNow-a800dNot 24 hours after Civil War II was unleashed onto comic racks, Marvel started teasing Marvel NOW!, their upcoming fall relaunch of new titles. Marvel NOW is going to—

Wait. Haven’t we been here before? Read the rest of this entry