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Comic Reviews: Marvel Knights Spider-Man and Forever Evil!


MKSM2013001_DC11_A-610x938Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1 (of 5)

The Marvel Knights imprint returns this month, with a new line up featuring top characters written by some of the hottest new names in the industry. First out of the gate is Marvel Knights Spider-Man. Written by MIND MGMT creator Matt Kindt and drawn by Marco Rudy, the first issue of the five-part tale is a welcome change of pace from current Spidey comics, and offers a lot of really fun (and weird) excitement for readers.

Featuring Peter Parker as Spider-Man, this out of continuity tale finds web head answering a family’s ad for a professional photographer. When he arrives at the mysterious home, he finds Madame Webb, who informs him of the mystery of the Sphinx, and of the upcoming “99 challenges” he is about to face. Before he can ask any more questions, a small doll explodes, sending Parker careening down multiple floors (but allowing him to change into his Spidey duds).  Once he lands, he comes across Jack O’Lantern, who takes the opportunity to blast Spidey with some poison gas.  Before he can retaliate, Spider-Man is thrown for yet another loop, and attacked by Morbius and Man-Wolf, before finally stopping his descent at Frankenstein’s monster (yes, THAT Frankenstein’s monster).  After another close call, Spidey finally makes it to the man he believes is behind everything: Arcade. Read the rest of this entry