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Biggest Bummers of 2013

Well, I’ve gone over my Best Nerd Things of 2013, and now it’s time for the flip side. Instead of saying what I thought was the “Worst” though, I’m going with what disappointed me the most. It’s not Jetpack Comics’ opinions, they’re alllll mine.  I’m sure there’s some things that I didn’t like that you all loved (just like I’m sure some of you will voice your displeasure over my “Best” things of 2013), so keep in mind, this is my opinion, and my opinion only. So, without further ado, let’s get this bad boy going. Read the rest of this entry

Comic Reviews: Joker’s Daughter and Wolverine and the X-Men!


BMTDK_23-4-Jokers-DaughterBatman: The Dark Knight #23.4 Joker’s Daughter #1

 Of all of the Villains Month one shot issues, this was the one to get. People have been going crazy trying to find it. Of the issues sent to retailers, this was the most allocated.  It’s averaging $50 on eBay, and one issue even went for $150. So, is this book worth your time (or all that money)?


Joker’s Daughter #1 is the strangest, most schizophrenic comic I’ve read all year. You may think that that’s the point considering the character, but it’s not.  There were pages that I read (and reread) multiple times and I’m still not entirely clear on what the issue was about.

Joker’s Daughter (whose real name is Duela) is traveling through the underground sewers in Gotham, looking for…something. Along the way, she finds Joker’s face (that he was wearing throughout the “Death of the Family” story in Batman), and puts it on. She then comes across a group of vagrants that live in the sewers that looks down on women, having them cook, clean, and work. JD then leads these women in an uprising, and takes over as their leader. Read the rest of this entry