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Comic Reviews: Superman and Outcast!


Superman-32-Spoilers-DC-Comics-New-52-Ulysses-John-Romita-Jr-0 Superman #32 (DC Comics)

 Arguably the character that has been in the most dire need of a solid creative team since the New 52 relaunch has been Superman. Since Grant Morrison finished his Action Comics run with issue #18, the main Superman books have been in a constant state of flux creatively (Superman Unchained aside, of course).

Well, along comes Mr. Geoff Johns to take over the main Superman title. And who does he bring with him? John Romita Jr., in his first official monthly DC Comics work. There’s a lot of hype surrounding Marvel’s former golden boy making the jump to DC (and Johns returning to Superman after a stellar pre-52 Action Comics run), so, how does Superman #32 stack up? Read the rest of this entry