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Comic Reviews: Forever Evil and MPH!


 FE-07-CVR-CMYK-62e1dForever Evil #7 (of 7) (DC Comics)

 After taking “Forever” to come out (sorry, I couldn’t resist), we’ve finally got the double sized final issue of Forever Evil, the big DC event that started back in…September. Holy crap.

Unlike other big events, Forever Evil #7 is actually worth the wait, and filled with non stop action, awesome moments to showcase our heroic villains, and plenty of jaw-dropping reveals. Writer Geoff Johns and artist David Finch have crafted a surprisingly fantastic ending to this event that, for the first time in a while, makes me extremely excited to see what’s in store for the heroes of the DC universe. Read the rest of this entry

Secret Agent Man

1397500147000-GRAYSON-COMICS-jy-3912-So Dick Grayson is going to be a secret agent.


Yes, Nightwing is surviving Forever Evil (spoilersI guess), and is going to come out of it a very different character than when he went in. For one, his identity is out in the open (and still no one pieces together that Bruce Wayne might be Batman), and the world at large will believe he is dead. So what’s a presumed dead guy in the DC universe to do? Pull a Winter Soldier, of course!

Look, I don’t want to knock this new direction before I try it, but this seems really, really weird. As much as DC will probably deny it, this move does seem like a stretch, and this is coming from a guy who unabashedly loves the Flash Thompson Venom.  Maybe my apprehension stems from seeing Dick Grayson, a guy who’s been trained by the Batman himself, wielding a gun on the first promotional image. As far as I can remember, Dick Grayson’s never been against guns in the same way that Bruce Wayne is, but if someone has been trained by a man who directly tells his wards that “guns are the weapons of cowards”, I have a hard time believing that Dick would be all for grabbing the nearest pistol and taking out foreign bad guys.

Perhaps the thing the bothers me the most behind this new status quo is that it reeks of DC trying to pitch this as TV series concept.  It’s really not that far off if you think about. In many ways, a Grayson TV show could serve as their answer to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., except for the fact that Arrow is a sizeable hit for the CW, and they could just copy that show’s formula for a show focusing on Nightwing. If this does turn out to be the case, why use Dick? Why not re-do Human Target again, or make Jason Todd this new secret agent. At least his use of guns has been explained already.

I’ll give DC this, Grayson is at least a different idea, and sometimes different is good. Take a look at Superior Spider-Man, or replacing Batman with Dick Grayson. But sometimes change can be bad, like lady Ghost Rider or FrankenCastle bad (which, in fairness, I loved because of it’s badness). . If anything, I give this new direction a year, which is the standard for any big change in the comics medium. By then there’ll be some reason to explain away Dick’s sudden career change.

For example, maybe he’ll make a deal with the devil so everyone forgets his identity.


Comic Reviews: Origin II and Forever Evil!


Origin_II_1_CoverOrigin II #1 (of 5)

When I first heard of the announcement of Origin II, I have to admit, my first reaction was “why”?  Now that I’ve read it, I still feel that way, but do like the story within the shiny new Acetate cover. Read the rest of this entry

Comic Reviews: Forever Evil: Arkham War and The Walking Dead!


arkham-warForever Evil: Arkham War #1 (of 6)

Of all of the Forever Evil tie-ins, Arkham War was the one I was most looking forward to.  Batman’s villains fighting amongst each other for control of Gotham City? Sign me the hell up. Written by Batman & Robin scribe Peter J. Tomasi, my expectations were extremely high for the first part of this six-issue miniseries, and I’m happy to say that I was not disappointed at all.

Spinning directly out of the events of Forever Evil (and the Scarecrow and Bane Villains Month issues), Arkham War finds the denizens of Arkham Asylum running amok in Gotham City. With Batman believed dead and the members of the Secret Society in charge, various inmates like Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, and Killer Croc have carved up sections of the city as their turf. This surprising show of fair play amongst the villains was the idea of the Penguin, who declares himself mayor.  This opening issue finds Scarecrow meeting with different villains in an attempt to get them to combine forces against Bane, who Scarecrow believes is planning to take the city by force. Read the rest of this entry

Comic Reviews: Marvel Knights Spider-Man and Forever Evil!


MKSM2013001_DC11_A-610x938Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1 (of 5)

The Marvel Knights imprint returns this month, with a new line up featuring top characters written by some of the hottest new names in the industry. First out of the gate is Marvel Knights Spider-Man. Written by MIND MGMT creator Matt Kindt and drawn by Marco Rudy, the first issue of the five-part tale is a welcome change of pace from current Spidey comics, and offers a lot of really fun (and weird) excitement for readers.

Featuring Peter Parker as Spider-Man, this out of continuity tale finds web head answering a family’s ad for a professional photographer. When he arrives at the mysterious home, he finds Madame Webb, who informs him of the mystery of the Sphinx, and of the upcoming “99 challenges” he is about to face. Before he can ask any more questions, a small doll explodes, sending Parker careening down multiple floors (but allowing him to change into his Spidey duds).  Once he lands, he comes across Jack O’Lantern, who takes the opportunity to blast Spidey with some poison gas.  Before he can retaliate, Spider-Man is thrown for yet another loop, and attacked by Morbius and Man-Wolf, before finally stopping his descent at Frankenstein’s monster (yes, THAT Frankenstein’s monster).  After another close call, Spidey finally makes it to the man he believes is behind everything: Arcade. Read the rest of this entry

Comic Reviews: X-Men: Battle of the Atom and Forever Evil!


 XMenBattleOfTheAtom_1_Cover1X-Men: Battle of the Atom #1

 The entire Marvel mutant universe gets their own event this month with Battle of the Atom #1. The first chapter in a 10-part story that will span all of the major X-titles, Battle of the Atom sets the stage pretty well, and is surprisingly new-reader friendly to boot.

The plot finds the younger X-Men team arriving on the scene of a new mutant attacking a mall.  Along with Kitty Pryde (the headmistress of the Jean Grey school), they attempt to subdue the mutant, until a pack of Sentinels arrive. Just as the young team appears to be captured, the sudden arrival of Cyclops’ “uncanny” X-Men team arrives to help turn the tide.  However, once the younger Cyclops suffers near-fatal wounds (and causes his older self to disappear), the X-Men decide that it’s time for the younger mutants to return to their home time. Just as soon as the arguments start though, comes the arrival of a group of future X-Men, who have come to prevent a “terrible mistake”. Read the rest of this entry