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The Wrightless Ant-Man (or Why Marvel Studios Isn’t the Enemy)

Edgar Wright's deleted Buster Keaton Cornetto selfie

Edgar Wright’s deleted tweet after leaving Ant-Man

In what came as a shock to many in the Nerd community, it was announced last week that Edgar Wright had dropped out of directing Ant-Man. Seeing as how the Shaun of the Dead director had been linked to film as far back as 2008, many were surprised to hear that he suddenly left the picture. With him gone, it’s safe to say that for a lot of us, our interest is gone as well.

Wright’s not the only big name creative to jump ship from Marvel Studios though. A day later Drew Goddard, who was originally supposed to be the showrunner of the Daredevil Netflix series, jumped off the Marvel train. With this news hitting hours after Wright leaving, it naturally caused a lot of people to wonder just what was going on at Marvel Studios. However, Goddard had previously signed on to write and direct Sony’s Sinister Six spin-off film, and is staying on Daredevil in a producing capacity, so it’s not a complete departure like Wright’s. Read the rest of this entry