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Comic Reviews: Civil War II and All-Star Batman!


portrait_incredible.jpgCivil War II #8 (of 8) (Marvel Comics)


After a long and very delayed road, Civil War II has come to an end. I wish I could tell you that the Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez event bucks the trend of lame final issues for Marvel events, but unfortunately that is not the case. In fact, Civil War II’s final issue ranks as not only one of the worst final issues of a Marvel event, but also one of the worst comics of the year. Read the rest of this entry

Comic Reviews: All-Star Batman and The Accused!


AllStarRebirthBats-854f7All-Star Batman #1 (DC Comics)  

After months away from the Dark Knight, superstar writer Scott Snyder has returned with All-Star Batman. Teaming Snyder with a rotating superstar artist, this series has all of the makings for something truly special. I’m a huge fan of Snyder’s run on Batman, but that run really only scratched the surface of the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery. With All-Star, Snyder’s putting the focus on Two-Face, the man who was once Harvey Dent, and with John Romita Jr. on the art for this arc, All-Star is a great return for the writer that goes into some pretty interesting places you wouldn’t expect. Read the rest of this entry

Marvel vs. DC: A Modern Day Throwdown

marvel_vs_dc_poster_by_deffectx-d95a5a8I know what you’re thinking: “really, an article about Marvel Vs. DC movies? Again?”

Well hold your horses pal, cause this isn’t that kind of article. While the internet would have you believe that I’d be comparing the Marvel Studios films to the just starting up DC films from Warner Bros, I’m looking at the real battle that’s been raging for decades: the comics. Like everything, the battle between Marvel and DC has ebbed and flowed in favor of either side, and both publishers have always had their strengths and weaknesses. So today we’re going to look at the two publishers in key categories: characters, writers, artists, and direction. Read the rest of this entry

Comic Reviews: Nightwing Rebirth and Civil War II!


Nightwing-Rebirth-1Nightwing Rebirth #1 (DC Comics)

At long last, Dick Grayson is back as Nightwing. After two years (give or take) as a secret agent, the first Robin is back in his Nightwing guise, and even rocking the classic blue and black uniform. Of the second wave of DC Rebirth titles, Nightwing Rebirth was easily my most anticipated book, and now that the Tim Seeley and Yanick Paquette issue has been released, does it live up to the hype?

Kind of. Read the rest of this entry

Comic Reviews: Civil War II: Kingpin and Justice League Rebirth!


Civil_War_II_Kingpin_1_CoverCivil War II: Kingpin #1 (of 4) (Marvel Comics)

Already there are tons (some might say too many) Civil War II tie-ins, and while a lot of them have been okay to bad, Civil War II: Kingpin sounded like it could be one of the better ones. With We Can Never Go Home co-writer Matthew Rosenberg writing, at the very least it would be interesting to see him take on one of Marvel’s biggest bad guys. And for the most part, it is really good, even if Kingpin has some flaws that hold it back from the being awesome. Read the rest of this entry

Marvel: Divided We Stand

MARVELNOWfinal-c34daWell, we finally have it. The first preview image for Marvel’s next publishing phase: Divided We Stand. IF you guessed that Marvel was going to copy the fallout of the first Civil War with Civil War II, then you win today’s no prize! Yes, the end of Civil War II is going to place the characters in the Marvel Universe in different places and against one another. Again. Read the rest of this entry