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Comic Review Special: Five Ghosts Vol. 2!

10458116_689917384413460_6966881284901131563_nFive Ghosts Volume 2: Lost Coastlines (Image Comics)

 Five Ghosts is a pretty strange series. It follows an adventurer named Fabian Gray who is in possession of a piece of “ the dreamstone”, an artifact that allows him to tap into the abilities of five “literary ghosts”. These ghosts, the wizard, the archer, the samurai, the detective, and the vampire, are obvious references to famous characters like Dracula and Robin Hood, and it creates a really fun twist on the Uncharted/Indiana Jones adventures that Grey goes on.

This series, written by Frank J. Berbiere and featuring art by Chris Mooneyham, has just recently been optioned by a television production company, so now is probably the time to check it out. Luckily, the 2nd collection, Lost Coastlines, has just been released. While it’s not as strong as the debut volume, it’s still a very cool and accessible entry for fans of the adventures of Nathan Drake and Dr. Jones. Read the rest of this entry