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In Defense of Ben Affleck as Batman

Ben-Affleck1Ben Affleck is Batman.

Let that sink a minute if you need to, even though you shouldn’t, because Affleck is a great choice.  Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to realize that nothing you can do can change the fact that Affleck is our new Batman. If it bothers you THAT much, here’s something you can do: not go see the movie.

The amount of hate and vitriol that’s being spewed at the Affleck casting is a huge surprise to me. Has everyone forgotten about Gone Baby Gone, The Town, or Argo, which the man won a Best Picture Oscar for? Affleck has come an extremely long way from where he was ten years ago when he made Daredevil, which is the only reason people bring up for why he shouldn’t be Batman. If you’re using that logic, Chris Evans shouldn’t have been cast as Captain America because of the quality of the Fantastic Four movies he starred in as Human Torch. Read the rest of this entry