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Quick Hits: Lego Marvel Superheroes and Batman: Arkham Origins!

The month of October saw the release of two major video games for nerds to salivate over:Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Batman: Arkham Origins.  Naturally, I bought both games, and while I haven’t come close to beating them, I figured it’d be good to get my first impressions down for anyone on the fence about either game.

LEGO_Marvel_Super_Heroes_box_artLego Marvel Super Heroes

I’ve always had a fondness for the Lego series of video games. From the original Lego Star Wars to the most recent title, Lego Lord Of The Rings, I’ve always had fun smashing things into tiny Lego studs and unlocking characters. Yes, the game play is super simple and the games are designed for younger players, but if they made the same games without the Lego designs people would be all over them.

With Lego Marvel Superheroes, developer Traveler’s Tales have outdone themselves. While previous Lego games have padded the rosters with security guards, goons, and other assorted unknown “bonus” characters; Marvel Superheroes has 100 different characters. While I’ve barely scratched the surface of the playable heroes, the sheer amount of blank profiles at the end of each mission is both exciting and daunting, and I can’t wait to see who else I can unlock. Read the rest of this entry