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Comic Reviews: Aquaman and The Rocketeer/Spirit: Pulp Friction!

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AQM_Cv24_gaap0z782a_Aquaman #24

We’ve reached the penultimate issue of the “Death of A King” storyline, and we’re one issue away from Geoff Johns’ final issue of Aquaman.  However, if you think anything is slowing down, think again, as Aquaman #24 has so many twists and turns within its pages that it’s hard to put down.

Picking up from last issue, Aquaman awakens from his six-month catnap with a sweet beard and a whole lot of questions. Unfortunately, the only person who can answer them is Vulko, the Atlantean who started the Atlantis/Human war back in the “Throne of Atlantis” crossover.  Explaining to Arthur Curry that he has found the truth behind the mysterious Dead King’s origin and resurrection. Leading him to the forgotten throne deep in Antarctica, Vulko tells the former king of Atlantis to sit in the ancient throne and all will be revealed. Read the rest of this entry