Comic Reviews: Batman: Last Knight On Earth and She Said Destroy!


BM_LKOE_Cv1_1500_5cdc620e979443.57980730Batman: Last Knight On Earth #1 (DC Comics)

DC’s Black Label imprint got off to a pretty shaky start with the release of Batman: Damned last year, but it’s now set to release another monster (though probably less controversial) hit with Batman: Last Knight on Earth. Re-teaming the legendary duo of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, the newest installment of the imprint finds the Dark Knight in a mysterious wasteland world, with no memory of how he got there, what’s happened, and why he has the head of the Joker in a lantern.

So yeah, Last Knight is weird, for sure. But the mysteries of this issue lead to a very compelling read. After getting a little too esoteric with his Justice League run, Last Knight On Earth finds Scott Snyder still in strange territory, but it feels more fitting now that he’s back with Capullo and the Batman, and like the best Snyder/Capullo tales, this one borrows from not only previous Batman tales, but a few from other companies and properties as well. There are shades of “The Last Arkham” storyline from Shadow of the Bat, Marvel’s Old Man Logan, and even a dose of Mad Max peppered in Snyder’s script, and works well for those who have followed his run on the character for years and those that are picking this up for the first time.

Greg Capullo goes with Snyder like chocolate goes with peanut butter, and seeing his take on the Dark Knight is like seeing an old friend. Snyder’s script allows Capullo to really go wild, drawing some truly crazy visuals unlike anything he ever drew during their New 52 run. I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises here, but there’s new depictions of some classic DC superheroes that are sure to become the new favorites for cosplayers.

If this truly is the last Batman story that Capullo and Snyder are telling, then they’re really going out in style. Last Knight On Earth is really an insane ride, and uses the Black Label imprint fully, but it’s not too gratuitous like Damned. This is a fantastic way to spend your hard-earned money, and looks to go done as one of the best, and most unique, Batman stories of the modern era.


She Said Destroy #1 (Vault Comics) 01_She_Said_Destroy_COVER_A-830x1260

What do you get when you mix high fantasy, cosmic action, and Lisa Frank paintings? Vault Comics’ She Said Destroy, a new series from Joe Carallo and Liana Kangas. A high fantasy tale that bombards the senses with incredible art, She Said Destroy is sure to leave a mark on readers that decide to give it a shot.

In a far off land, the Sun Goddess Brigid has taken over the solar system, planet by planet. The only people who oppose her are The Witches of Fey, a rogue group that worships the Goddess of Death, Morrigan, the only other Goddess in existence, and the sister of Brigid. With time running out, the Witches need to hear the command from their leader to start their way. They need to be commanded to destroy!

Unlike most number one issues, Joe Carallo’s script doesn’t bog you down with the world building of She Said Destroy, but it does leave you with a few unanswered questions. As great as it is not having to read pages and pages of descriptions of Brigid’s rise to power and the origins of the Witches of Fey, it’s a little hard to figure out just who the main character of this series is. Bouncing between a bunch of different characters, we can tell that Brigid is the bad guy of this story, but the person who we’re supposed to root for is still a little questionable.

On the art side of things, Liana Kangas definitely makes a great first impression with She Said Destroy. While it took me a little while to get used to her style at first, by the end of the issue I was loving the art on the page. This art would be right at home with the old school cartoons of the 80’s, with bright, vibrant coloring from Rebecca Nalty that really brings out Kangas’ style in a very unique way.

While the story is a little wonky, the art in She Said Destroy is more than enough reason to check this series out. Vault Comics has been steadily putting out a lot of really interesting series that make them stand out from other indie publishers, and it looks like She Said Destroy is only going to add to their reputation.

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