Man Without A TV Show

daredevilWoe be the Marvel Netflix shows, who recently lost Iron Fist and Luke Cage to the streaming sacrificial altar, and now the streaming giant has dropped the hammer down on Daredevil. While the show that started the grand Marvel/Netflix experiment that was overall a success, depending on who you talked to (and who finished the shows), even Matt Murdock wasn’t spared from Netflix’s cancellations. As my personal favorite of the various series, it is a bummer having Daredevil end after such a strong third season, but at the same time, I’m honestly okay with it.

Daredevil‘s third season was a huge return to form for the series, and the Netflix Marvel shows as a whole. I’ve felt that they all took a pretty major nosedive in quality after The Defenders came and went, and with the exception of The Punisher, none of them seemed to be that compelling after the big team-up. Jessica Jones season two was a pretty big letdown from the first season, and while Luke Cage and even Iron Fist learned from their first season’s missteps, they also were a little too long, faced with the same padding issues that even the better entries in the Netflix Marvel cannon fell victim to. Daredevil season 3 was a huge boost for the streaming service’s Marvel shows, mainly because it focused back on what worked so well in the first season: Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk.

Yet as great as this past season was, the damage was probably already done to the Netflix Marvel shows, and the fact that Netflix releases so many shows at a breakneck pace probably didn’t help much either. The day Daredevil Season Three released, there were at least five other Netflix originals that hit. Not only that, but the marketing behind the third season was pretty much non-existent compared to the previous two seasons. If Netflix is really basing this on the social media impact of the show (since Netflix doesn’t release streaming statistics), then they are really shooting themselves in the foot by not adequately hyping up the series, and they cast the remaining Marvel Netflix show’s futures (Jessica Jones and Punisher) in doubt if they’re just going to cancel those when they finish their current seasons. Why would people bother to tune into those remaining shows if Netflix is just going to cancel them anyways?

Of course, the elephant in the room with these cancellations is the fact that Disney is starting up their own streaming service, which will serve as a direct competitor to Netflix. Naturally, the company doesn’t want to be in business with their competitor, and one way to do that is to cancel the shows they’ve made with Marvel. And the cryptic promises of these heroes “appearing in future projects from Marvel” has many fans of the shows believing that Disney will just pop them on their upcoming Disney+ service. Except for the fact that all of these Netflix shows are decidedly adult, and Disney’s streaming content won’t go beyond a PG-13 rating (there are also rumors that Disney will slap them on Hulu, since they’ll own the controlling stake in that streaming service once their Fox deal goes through).

This all sounds wild, and Daredevil is certainly worth saving. But even if it doesn’t come back, I’m okay with it. Daredevil‘s third season ended on a note that could serve as a series finale, with SPOILERS Matt Murdock making amends with his friends and his life as Daredevil, and Wilson Fisk back behind bars. And the season as a whole was fantastic and gripping, reminding me of the first season and how engaging that was. Trying to follow it up would be a daunting task, and while the fourth season was being plotted when the writers got the cancellation news, I’d rather Daredevil go out on a high note, then with a lackluster fourth season.

But who knows? Maybe Daredevil and his fellow cancelled Netflix shows will return in a new away, wether through Hulu, on Disney’s new service, or even in the MCU. I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Matt Murdock, as he’s proven time and time again that no matter what gets thrown at him, he always bounces back.


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