My Man!

aquaman-jason-momoa-trailer-08It should come as no surprise, but I’m going to say it anyways: I am 100%, completely on board with Aquaman.

The James Wan directed film finally showed off some footage with a special trailer for San Diego Comic Con, and lemme just say : “HELL YES”. Everything about this movie looks bananas in the best way possible, from armored sharks to the fact that Jason Momoa says “badass!” when he first arrives in Atlantis. Warner Bros is leaning in HARD on the “Aquabro” aspect of Momoa’s casting, and I am totally there for it.

If done right, Aquaman could be the DCEU’s Thor. Both have a rather outlandish plot with a mythical city, a character who’s could be misconstrued as a god-like being, and the main conflict basically boils down to a sibling rivalry. That aspect, combined with what appears to be a nice dash of adventure in the same vein as Indiana Jones or Uncharted, the first solo outing for Arthur Curry could be just what audiences are looking for come December.

Of course, there’s still a lot of goofy crap in that trailer. For one, Amber Heard’s Mera looks great, but the comics accurate costume does have one drawback: her hair. While yes, redheads in comics are a common occurrence, Heard’s wig is almost TOO red, and when she’s not underwater it makes her look like a Disney World cast member dressing up as The Little Mermaid. There’s also a few CGI shots that look a little strange, but with the movie still not coming out for a few months, I’m willing to give them a break and assume that they’re still a work in progress.

Aquaman is still surprising me in many ways. First, the fact that I like the Jason Momoa version of this character, second, the fact that the movie is looking to capture the world of Atlantis so accurately, and third, the fact that the movie exists in the first place. I’ve had a soft spot for “the guy who can talk to fish” ever since I was kid, and I gotta admit, it would be pretty cool if the two properties that have the biggest success in the DCEU were Wonder Woman and Aquaman. It remains to be seen if the general public will show up for Aquaman, but I know that WB has my money at least.

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