By The Power of Greyskull!

Masters-Of-The-Universe-Reboot-Release-Date-DavidWe’ve had multiple Transformers movies. Two GI Joe movies. A Baywatch movie. Hell, even Jem and the Holograms got a (bad) movie. But there’s one 80’s property that still needs a new, modern day interpretation. That property? None other than Masters of the Universe.

Yes, this isn’t the first time that I’ve asked “where the hell is my He-Man movie”? But with the recent announcement of the Injustice vs Masters of the Universe comic (a weird ass idea for a comic series if there ever was one), it got my brain firing again about the crazy world of He-Man, Man-At-Arms, and my beloved Skeletor. Sony is still dead-set on getting a movie out for Christmas 2019, but they’ve still got to get a director, and with a David S Goyer script, I’m not sure it’s the direction they should take. Sure, you could go the super serious route, but in all honesty, the true path to success for He-Man in my eyes to embrace that absurdity of the world of Eternia and have a little fun with the source material. In short, they should “Ragnarok it”.

“But wait,” you say, “you want a studio to make fun of He-Man and Skeletor?”. And to that I say “not exactly”. I think one of the best aspects of Thor: Ragnarok is the fact that director Taika Waititi was able to inject a ton of well-placed humor into the world of Thor, which was honestly the shot in the arm the franchise needed. Hell, you can look at the update of 80’s series 21 Jump Street for another example of how putting a humorous spin to a property at being a success. Have He-Man be a love-able goofball of a hero, poke a little well-intentioned fun at the weird fantasy science of the world around him, and make Skeletor the straight man, and get the cameras rolling.

I know this take is going to make a lot of people #madonline, but I don’t care. Making Masters of the Universe a super-serious movie is going to probably make a lot of people laugh unintentionally, so why not beat them to the punch and make it a fun action romp. It’s worked for other franchises in extremely lucrative ways (you can even give it a little Guardians of the Galaxy flair as well), and honestly, it’s kind of the perfect way to make a Masters of The Universe movie. If I had it my way, it’s totally the tone I would take with the property.


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