The Night He Came Home….AGAIN!

halloween-2John Carpenter’s Halloween is one of my all-time favorite movies. I could easily mark it down in my top five films of all time. It’s a masterpiece of simplicity, and paved the way for an entirely new genre of horror movies. Unfortunately, a large amount of the other movies in the franchise suck. With the exception of Halloween II, H20: Twenty Years Later, and …uh….the unrelated Halloween III: Season of the Witch, the other movies in the franchise not only cheapen the effectiveness of the original, they actually make The Shape himself, Michael Myers, less scary by trying to explain his motivations. But it looks like David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s Halloween will finally buck the trend and give us a sequel that’s truly worthy of being associated with the original.

Easily the coolest thing about this sequel is Jamie Lee Curtis’ new take on Laurie Strode. The original “Final Girl”, this isn’t the first time Curtis has returned to the franchise, but it does look like the return that will make the most impact. Forgetting the entirety of the franchise, Halloween (2018) instead shows us what life in Haddonfield, Illinois is like forty years after the terrifying night that Michael Myers wreaked havoc on the town. And in those four decades, Laurie Strode has raised a family, become a grandma, and has been training and waiting for the moment that she knew was coming: the return of Michael Myers.

One of the most controversial aspects of this new Halloween has been the decision to retcon the other movies in the franchise in service of this story. Honestly it seems like it’s kind of the only way they could go about making this movie the way they wanted to, especially when Halloween: Resurrection made the criminal mistake of killing Laurie Strode in the opening moments of the movie (and let’s be real, it’s way cooler having Laurie preparing for revenge instead of going into hiding, afraid of Myers’ return). But what makes this film the most intriguing is the fact that the new trailer goes to great lengths to explicitly say that Michael Myers is NOT Laurie Strodes’ brother, a revelation that is actually introduced in Halloween II, and something that even John Carpenter is not the biggest fan of, even though he came up with it.

I’m honestly of two minds about this aspect of the film. On the one hand, I think it could be a misdirect being played by Green and McBride. In fact, it adds a lot of reality to the story of Halloween. If you had a crazy brother who murdered a bunch of people, wouldn’t you try and tell people that it was a lie made up by the media and other people? I know I would. But on the other hand, if Laurie and Michael aren’t related, it still serves the story, as Michael Myers could see Laurie as “the one that got away” so to speak, and wants to finish the job that’s forty years in the making. Not to mention that having Michael being unrelated to Laurie just adds to the aura of him being pure evil, with no redeeming or sympathetic qualities.

Regardless of how the Laurie/Michael relationship pans out, I do know that Halloween has jumped to the top of my “Must-See List” for the remainder of 2018. To be perfectly honest, it’s far upstaged any other movie that’s coming out this year for me, and that’s all due to the absolutely perfect trailer that I’ve watched at least seven times since it was released. All signs are pointing to this new iteration of Halloween being the sequel that the franchise has long deserved.

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