For New Genesis!

175px-Death_New_Gods1Thursday night Warner Bros dropped some pretty unexpected news: we’re getting a New Gods movie. While that’s surprising news on its own, the choice of director to bring Jack Kirby’s creations to the big screen is probably even more surprising: Ava DuVernay, the director behind Selma and A Wrinkle In Time. Picking DuVernay to bring the world of Darkseid, Orion, and Mister Miracle to life is both a surprising and bold choice, but I’m pretty excited to see how she goes about bringing these characters to the big screen, which is going to be interesting, to say the least.

Jack Kirby’s contributions to the world of comics can never be understated. He is the undisputed master of the paneled page. But that being said, The Fourth World/New Gods stuff is pretty damn weird, even within the realm of comics. Created as the beings that take over after Zeus, Hades, and other ancient gods move on, the world Kirby created for DC Comics is brimming with unfiltered Kirby imagination, but therein also lies the problem: it’s unfiltered. As great as Kirby is when it comes to art and grand concepts, he leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to his ability to write dialogue. It’s sacrilege to say this, I know, but if you go back and read some of the original Kirby stuff, you’ll really get a new appreciation for the contributions Stan Lee made to the duo’s Marvel work.

However, I should say that the New Gods does contain some pretty spectacular characters. Darkseid, Orion, Big Barda, and Mister Miracle are all fantastic characters, and the chance to see them unveiled to a wider audience makes me pretty excited. My hope is that DuVernay realizes how fantastic Kirby’s designs are for these characters and doesn’t over complicate them too much. You’ll have to change up some of the costumes for them to make sense in live action, but characters like Mister Miracle already have great (and simple) designs that don’t require a lot of tweaking. There’s certainly a wealth of storytelling options to tell with Kirby’s Fourth World Saga, and DuVernay will have to be careful to make sure she doesn’t tell TOO much in this first movie.

Speaking of DuVernay, I’m pretty damn pumped that she’s the one who will be bringing this world to life. While I still haven’t seen A Wrinkle In Time, just seeing the trailers gives me a lot of faith in her to bring Kirby’s creations to life and give them the care they deserve. I was worried that Wrinkle‘s under performance at the box office would hurt her chances of getting to helm a major movie again, and while I’m still waiting to see her get a chance at Star Wars, this is a good replacement for now.

So, can The New Gods work as a movie? We’ll have to wait and see. Marvel has proven with Guardians of the Galaxy that you can take an obscure group of characters and make them hits. But this isn’t Marvel Studios, it’s Warner Bros, a studio with many well known struggles with their franchises. If they can allow DuVernay the creative freedom she needs to get this project made, we should be in good hands. Here’s hoping the studio has learned some valuable lessons from their first round of films and lets this be the best movie it can be. King Kirby deserves it.

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