The Amazing Ryan Ottley

asm0012018cov-lrv2-1087143Dan Slott is leaving The Amazing Spider-Man. It was bound to happen one day, but it’s still a shock to realize that a day is coming very soon where Slott’s name won’t be on the title anymore. After being on the book for a decade, the writer is leaving behind a massive legacy on the book that will be very hard for anyone following him to live up to. Luckily though, there’s one name that will be coming to the book that will definitely make an impact: Ryan Ottley.

For those unaware, Ryan Ottley was the artist on the recently ended Invincible. Written by Robert Kirkman (the same man behind the pop culture behemoth The Walking Dead), Invincible was a fantastic superhero comic that showcased the life and times of Mark Grayson as he struggles to grow up with superpowers. It was an action packed showcase, and perfectly showed off Ryan Ottley’s bombastic style, and the fact that he’s taking that style to The Amazing Spider-Man makes me pretty damn excited. It’s a little surprising that Ottley would want to jump from a creator-owned series to one from a big company like Marvel, but it sounds like Ottley really wants to leave his mark on a major character before it’s too late. Just looking at the preview art puts a gigantic smile on my face, and is a clear tell that Ottley is excited to be on this series.

Of course, there is a downside to this news, and unfortunately it’s the choice of writer wbo’s picking up after Slott. Nick Spencer, most recently known for the colossal misfire Secret Empire, is going to be scribing Peter Parker’s new stories, and, well, I’m hesitant. I’m a huge fan of Spencer’s Superior Foes of Spider-Man, but his Captain America and especially Secret Empire were so off-putting that I honestly thought they were written by a different person. It also doesn’t help that Spencer’s social media presence was less than pleasant during the outcry against Secret Empire, which… look, I understand not wanting to spoil major aspects of the story you are working on before it’s finished, but Spencer was a straight up asshole to people online about it, which made it extremely difficult to not be completely turned off by his work. It’s definitely tarnished his books in my eyes, which is a major bummer, because Superior Foes is easily one of the best comic series I’ve ever read.

However, I still have to have some optimism about Spencer being on the book. Marvel has to know that Secret Empire did not have the impact they wanted it to have (both in sales and public perception), so I can’t imagine they would be putting Spencer on a comic as high profile as this without knowing the tone he was planning on using. And as much as he annoys me now, I do think Spencer is smart enough to know that Spider-Man works best with a fun tone and not a super serious one like Captain America does. But if I’m being completely honest, I’m getting this series either way (Spidey’s been through way worse, hopefully), and the Ryan Ottley art is more than worth it. I don’t even care that it’s being renumbered, that’s how excited I am for his art.

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