Great, Kid! Don’t Get Cocky!

solo-poster-han-1080478For better or worse, the Solo trailer has arrived, and while it doesn’t exactly soothe my worries about the film, I’ll admit that there is some pretty neat stuff in the first look at the latest “Star Wars story”. But there’s still something that feels a little off, and I think I know what that is: Han Solo.

From the time that I first saw Star Wars, Harrison Ford was Han Solo. Knowing that Disney and Lucasfilm were going to make this film (and that they weren’t going to digitally de-age Harrison Ford),  it was inevitable that the scoundrel was going to be recast. It’s happened to James Bond, it’s happened to Batman, it’ll probably happen to Indiana Jones (who I’m oddly okay with being recast), but for some reason my brain cannot accept Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo. Granted, there’s only a few moments in this trailer that feature him, but the moments that do cause a massive disconnect in my brain that takes me out of the world that Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and Ron Howard are creating for this film, and I worry that the movie will cause an even BIGGER disconnect for me.

If I’m being completely honest, this is my only real hang up on Solo. I like the look of the film. I LOVE Donald Glover as Lando. I like the idea of Woody Harrelson in the Star Wars universe. I even like the idea of this being a heist movie, even though Rogue One already technically did that plot. And you know what, I’m sure I’ll come around to Ehrenreich as Han. After all, it’s not like Disney and Lucasfilm are going to scrub all footage of Harrison Ford as Han from the planet. But for now, it’s very strange seeing this character being portrayed by someone else, which is just one of the many hurdles this movie is going to have to surpass for Star Wars fans and casual movie goers as well.

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