Hooray for Hollywood, Bub

logan-hugh-jackman-620x360This year’s Oscar Nominees have been announced, and unfortunately my beloved Logan didn’t make the cut for Best Picture or any of the acting categories. In fact, the only nomination it did receive was for Best Adapted Screenplay, which is fantastic, of course. But for such a striking and moving film, it’s still kinda BS that Logan is only making it to the red carpet just for a writing category.

That being said though, it is pretty amazing that Logan got a “Best Adapted Screenplay” award. Since every movie based on a comic book can technically be considered “adapted”, this is a huge moment for the genre. Previously we only had the “Best Visual Effects” category to expect big wins from, despite the small glimmer of hope we had when Heath Ledger won his posthumous award for The Dark Knight. As much as that performance deserved that award (and don’t let anyone tell you it didn’t), I do wonder if Ledger’s untimely death played a big role in him getting that award.

Think about it. Since The Dark Knight, we’ve had countless superhero movies that have featured fantastic performances. Chris Evans as Captain America comes to mind. Robert Downey Jr has put in plenty of fantastic work into playing Iron Man, and delivers some truly emotional moments in Civil War. Hell, even Gal Gadot’s performance as Wonder Woman was shut out, and that performance not only grounded the whole movie, but also created a huge movement worldwide.

With Logan, you had not one Oscar-worthy performance, but three. Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Dafne Keene all deliver stand out performances that completely took everyone by surprise. While Keene was a breakout performer in Logan, Jackman and Stewart were able to play off of the long history they have had with their characters to really bring out a new emotional pull to their stories. In a lot of ways, both of their performances have similarities to Sylvester Stallone’s in Creed. Both feature a former hero (in Stallone’s case, a hero in the ring) who are shells of their former selves, facing down their own mortality. For Stallone’s Rocky Balboa, it’s the threat of cancer. For Jackman’s Logan, it’s his healing factor failing him as he gets older. Not only that, but both movies also feature these aging characters meeting younger people who not only show them that they still have something to offer the world, but give them hope as well. With the fact that both performances play off the legacy of the characters and the actors who played them, why was Stallone’s performance in Creed nominated, but Jackman and Stewart’s performances weren’t?

Perhaps it comes down to the other actors in the acting categories. I have yet to see a majority of the films nominated, but even with the ones I have seen (four of the Best Pictures so far), I still can’t shake Logan, a movie that I’ve watched at least seven times since it was released. Despite getting the nom for Best Adapted Screenplay (which it has a decent shot at winning), the Academy Awards still refuse to accept that superhero and comic book films can contain performances worthy of their award.

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  1. I agree! I thought Logan was fantastic and it truly deserved more nominations.

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