Yup, We Are Venom…..

venom-tom-hardy-eddie-brock-1073725Whether I like it or not, Sony is making a Venom movie, and we’ve got our first official look at the movie (courtesy of IGN). And it’s….Tom Hardy with a notepad.


Look, I get why Sony released this picture. For one, Tom Hardy has a pretty big fan base, so just reminding people that he’s starring in the film will be enough to get some people in seats. Plus, the movie has just started shooting, so having a crazy Venom picture ready to go probably isn’t possible just yet, simply because the CGI may not be ready. But releasing this photo instead of, I don’t know, concept art of Venom is a bad move, and it’s not doing much to get me interested in a solo Venom movie, which is, in my opinion, still an extremely bad idea.

I’ll save you all the rant (or do my best to), but I’m getting strong Catwoman vibes from this movie already. Remember Catwoman, the movie that starred Halle Berry as a version of the character with no connection to Batman at all? Instead of trying to connect it to the world of Batman, the 2004 “film” went its own way, and in doing so had to spend valuable run time establishing a new origin for the character, a villain’s origin, and a ton of other factors. If that film was connected to the Batman franchise, the movie would still have a lot of the same problems, sure, but some of them could’ve been alleviated if the filmmakers had this Catwoman be tied in with the franchise.

Now it’s seemingly Venom’s turn, as this film won’t have a connection to Spider-Man, and will need to make its own version of the symbiotes origins (which will likely borrow the man-made origin that was in Ultimate Spider-Man).  Of course, the decision behind making this movie is a financial one of course, but probably more because Avi Arad is still mad that Sony and Marvel Studios cut a deal for Spider-Man to appear in the MCU. Basing a movie on a personal vendetta? What could go wrong?

In watching the video that was released from Brazil’s Comic Con to hype up the movie, it’s clear that there are plenty of fans that are excited for this movie. Hell, even Tom Hardy and director Ruben Fleischer seem pretty exited to be making this movie. But for all their talk of making a movie that’s as “accurate to the comics as possible”, it’s hard for me to not go “then why are you making THIS version of the movie”?  Why not take a step back and go “hey, this isn’t exactly right, let’s wait for the Spidey movies to get a little further along before we do this?”

Concessions have to be made whenever a comic book movie is put into production. There’s simply no way that a movie can truly capture what makes comics so special, but for the most part, if you can nail the character that goes a long way. But there’s nothing I’ve seen so far from Venom that’s filling me with hope that this will be a movie worthy of the character. Hell, there’s nothing here that fills me with hope that this will even be a good movie. I hate being such a naysayer, but I’m still firmly of the belief that Venom shouldn’t just not happen, but that it’ll be a major setback for comic book movies at large.

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