The Worst of 2017!

marvel-inhumansAh yes, the end of the year. A time to reflect on all the awesome nerd stuff we experienced in 2017. But this isn’t time to celebrate just yet. Oh no. Before we get to the good stuff, we’ve got to tear down the bad one last time. While 2017 had some amazing highs for movies, TV, and comic books, it also had some embarrassing lows, including one that hurts so much I’m just going to get it out of the way first….




The Dark Towerc7skxmfu4aau2np-1489942261915_610w

You forgot this even came out, didn’t you? Don’t worry, so did I. In a year that brought us the phenomenal adaptation of It, the fact that Dark Tower came and went with a whimper hurts even more. Whether it was Sony Pictures not devoting enough money towards the project, the PG-13 rating, or the fact that they tried to cram a 7 book epic into a 90 minutes movie, there’s a lot of reasons for why Dark Tower failed. But the fact that it was bad doesn’t hurt as much as it being a spectacularly “meh” movie. Seriously, the fact that I keep forgetting it came out in theaters and is now available on Blu Ray is legit depressing. It seems like everyone involved, including Stephen King, is now actively trying to act like this thing never happened, which is probably for the best.



While it’s undeniable that Marvel Studios had a string of hits this year with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man Homecoming, and Thor Ragnarok, the same can’t be said for their TV division, which featured one of the worst comic book adaptations of all time with Inhumans. From a horribly miscast team of heroes to a cheap looking set, Inhumans was so embarrassing that even the most stalwart Marvel zombies avoided the show like the plague, causing ABC to rebrand the advertising from “season one” to “limited series” while the show was in the middle of it’s run.


Secret EmpireSECRET_EMPIRE_10

Marvel made a LOT of publishing mistakes this year, but none were more problematic than Secret Empire, which saw the House of Ideas reveal that Captain America was secretly a Hydra agent all along. While of course the real Cap came back in grand fashion, the entire event was pretty much ill-conceived from the get go, even without the current events that happened in the world while this book was being released. Worst of all though, Secret Empire seemed like it was parodying the events it was trying to portray, and that’s never a good thing with your major, Earth-shattering event book.


justice-league-steppenwolf-socialAll of the Steppenwolf Parts of Justice League

While I’m definitely on the more positive side of Justice League, even I can’t defend Steppenwolf, the big bad of the movie. With PS2 level CGI and a “why did you even bother casting him” performance from Ciaran Hinds, the character was pretty underserved by this movie, other than giving the members of the Justice League someone to punch over and over (which was pretty fun to watch).


iron-fist-release-dateIron Fist

Holy god, here’s something that came out this year that I completely forgot about, and for good reason. The first major bomb of the Marvel Netflix shows, Iron Fist was pretty much a done deal from the first episode. Poor Finn Jones barely knew his fight choreography, and guess what, we had another show centering on The Hand! The failure of Iron Fist isn’t nearly as bad as Inhumans, but it cast an undeserving bad shadow over Defenders, which also didn’t live up to the hype either.



Honestly, the worst thing about this year was the thing that we should all feel a part of: being a fan. Sure, getting together with like minded people to enjoy something you all love is great, but 2017 showed us the dark underside of fandom. From the Sezchuan Sauce Rick and Morty debacle to the reactions to The Last Jedi and Justice League, it’s clear that 2017 was the year of downplaying your fandom for fear of having to defend whatever it is you like from both mega fans and people who didn’t even bother giving the thing you like a chance because of how rude and obnoxious the fans are. Hopefully 2018 will allow some of these toxic fans the chance to work out whatever garbage issues they have and realize that yelling “I’m Pickle Rick!” at every opportunity isn’t the best way to get people interested in Rick and Morty.

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