SDCC 2017 Wrap Up!

imagesAnother year, another San Diego Comic Con. Just like any other year, there were a ton of awesome reveals and surprises at this year’s comic con, from an awesome WB panel that revealed surprisingly cool DC movies coming up; to Netflix revealing Stranger Things. With so much revealed, what were the top things to pay attention to? Well, lucky for you I kept an eye on everything this weekend (much to the chagrin of my girlfriend), and have prepared this article just for you! Read on for all the cool stuff to impress your friends with!

Doctor Doomdoctor_doom_7806

Easily the craziest news to come out of the movie scene of San Diego Comic Con was the announcement that Noah Hawley, the mastermind behind Fargo and Legion, would be producing a solo Doctor Doom film for Fox. There’s literally no other news regarding this announcement since Hawley blurted it out at the end of the Legion panel, but needless to say, even though I want the Fantastic Four back into the MCU, this could be a cool consolation prize.


ready-player-oneReady Player One

Ever since I heard the news that Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One would be turned into a feature film, I had to wonder “how the hell is THAT going to work?” Set in a future world where the population plays a Virtual Reality game that allows them to use whatever big pop culture item they want, the movie seemed impossible from a legal standpoint. But with Stephen Spielberg helming the movie, it seems like there’s enough here that will satisfy fans of the book, even if the trailer seems to be a little TOO full of itself.



The closest release of for the con is Defenders, which finally showed off a brand new trailer for the upcoming Netflix show.  While Iron Fist definitely left a lot to be desired, it looks like the key to making him interesting was sticking him in with Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones. The wait for August 18 just got a lot more difficult.




It’s very rare to get comic news that surprises me from SDCC, but Marvel really sent some cool shockwaves with the announcement that Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw, the creators behind the spectacular Image series God Country, will be taking over the Thanos series for Marvel. Simply put, this is friggin’ awesome. Donny Cates has been kicking ass and taking names with his independent work, and I can’t wait to see what he does with the Mad Titan.


Rocko’s Modern Lifeindex

Revivals are all the rage now, and of course Nickelodeon is getting into the game. Rocko’s Modern Life was my absolute favorite Nicktoon growing up, but the upcoming special movie was something that I completely forgot about it before I saw the trailer that released Thursday night. Rocko, Heffer, and Philbert find themselves transported into the modern day, and the quick two minute trailer is chock full of the hilarious society skewering that the series is known for. After forgetting about it, the Rocko’s Modern Life movie is now one of my most anticipated things of the year.


justice-league-posterJustice League

WB started to right the ship with critics and fans with Wonder Woman, and now all eyes go to the Justice League, which will bring the members of DC’s super team together for the first time. We already had one trailer released a few months back, but the one released for SDCC blew that one away. Running nearly four minutes, it features a ton of awesome moments that have me legitimately exited for many aspects of this film. Cyborg may still look iffy, but Aquaman, Wonder Woman ,and especially Ben Affleck’s Batman look to make up for him.


Stranger Things season

Stranger Things made a huge impact on pop culture last year, so it’s only natural that it would get its own panel for comic con. Of course, a panel means we’ll get a trailer, and the trailer for season two of the hit show looks to be just as nostalgically awesome as the first season. There’s more 80’s goodness (check out that old school arcade), more Winona Ryder looking super worried for her son, and more Eleven! Plus it’s already showing to have a killer soundtrack.


ragnarokThor: Ragnarok

While Justice League’s trailer definitely impressed, the biggest trailer of the con has to be Thor: Ragnarok. Expectations were already high for the next Marvel Studios release, but director Taika Waititi seems to have hit it out of the park with this trailer. From insane Jack Kirby visuals to hilarious buddy cop moments with Thor and Hulk, Ragnarok just jumped to one of my most anticipated movie of the year.



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  1. I was also excited about the Star Trek Discovery trailer!

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