Two Minutes To Doomsday

slack-imgsEver since the final pages of DC Universe Rebirth, comic fans have waited with bated breath for more information on the shocking revelation that Dr. Manhattan was (probably) behind the DC’s “New 52” reboot. We’ve been getting a few more details in “The Button” storyline that’s been playing out in current issues of Batman and The Flash, but now we’ve got a real-deal next installment in the ongoing “DC Rebirth Saga”: Doomsday Clock.

With megastar creators Geoff Johns and Gary Frank handling the miniseries, this book would be anticipated even if this storyline wasn’t the next installment of the Rebirth story. But the fact that Johns states that it will feature Superman and Dr. Manhattan puts this into the stratosphere of hype. Until now, DC has only alluded to the idea of characters from Watchmen interacting with their heroes. But now, Johns has all but confirmed that it’s going to happen.

Naturally this opens up a whole big Alan Moore sized can of worms. As always, the use of the Watchmen characters is going to bring everyone and their mothers who have an opinion on resurrecting Moore’s greatest creation to make a quick buck. Some hate the idea of anyone but Moore using these characters (even though they’re not entirely original), others couldn’t care less. I myself fall into the camp of “if it’s a good story, then by all means do it”. And if I’m being completely honest, I haven’t liked anything Moore has done in the last five years, and his attitude towards modern comics, where he’s stated that it all is “terrible” without actually READING any modern comics doesn’t make me want to champion him either. I of course appreciate what Alan Moore has done for the comics medium, but the fact that he can’t be bothered to even look at series like Y: The Last Man, Preacher, Saga, or Southern Bastards infuriates me to no end.  And at the end of the day, Alan Moore’s not going to care about DC doing this, so why should we?

DC’s made major strides with Rebirth, winning back lapsed fans and introducing their characters to a whole new generation. While you can say that they should probably leave the Watchmen universe alone, at the same time, you could do a LOT worse than have Geoff Johns and Gary Frank tackle it. Hell, we had Before Watchmen five years ago, and guess what? That didn’t affect people’s view of the original Watchmen at all (and it’s also worth noting that those miniseries didn’t end up doing all that well). Besides, Johns has already stated this is NOT a sequel to Watchmen. It’s a standalone story that plays a part in the larger Rebirth story as a whole. Everything seems to be in place for another home run for DC. Provided that they don’t immediately start having Dr. Manhattan high fiving B’Wanna Beast, I think we’ll be okay.

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