What the Hell(Boy)?

hellboy-reboot-david-harbourSo here’s some interesting movie news……Hellboy is getting a movie reboot.

No, your browser didn’t accidentally set to April Fool’s Day. Hellboy, the movie series that Guillermo Del Toro started up based on Mike Mignola’s classic character, is the latest comic property to get an R-rated reboot. With The Descent director Neil Marshall at the helm and Stranger Things’ David Harbour getting ready to slap on the shortened horns, there’s plenty to get you pumped to jump back into Mike Mignola’s world. And while enough time has passed for a reboot, it puts a lot of us in an interesting spot.

The past year Guillermo Del Toro has been subtly dropping hints that he wanted to return to the world of Hellboy with Ron Perlman back in the role.  But that’s clearly not happening anymore, and honestly I think Del Toro is to blame for that. As much as I love him as a director, the man has more unfinished films than finished ones, and even after the release of The Golden Army I seriously doubted that we’d ever get a third film.  If he truly wanted to make a third Hellboy that badly, why wait so long?

Del Toro is probably the reason why people are eye-rolling the idea of this reboot too. If he had just let people forget about his Hellboy movies (which last came out NINE years ago), I highly doubt that anyone would be as upset as they are now. But recently GDT has been stoking the flames for a Hellboy 3 on the internet, even going so far as to do a poll on twitter to see if there was any interest in it. To do all of that, and then get this news? Well of course people are gonna be pissed.

Del Toro’s attempts to get a grassroots Hellboy 3 made is now also going to put a lot of unnecessary pressure on Marshall’s reboot. People were going to compare his version to Del Toro’s anyways, but now there’s going to be even MORE scrutiny on it with the fact that Del Toro was (maybe) trying to rally the studios to let him make one last Hellboy (not to mention that David Harbour is going to have some big shoes to fill for Hellboy).

As much of a bummer as it is that we’ll never get a conclusion to Del Toro’s trilogy, I honestly don’t think we’d ever get to see it anyways. Ron Perlman isn’t getting any younger, and Del Toro, like I said earlier, is the busiest man in Hollywood, so much so that it’s starting to be a detriment to his career. At least now we can hopefully get a cool new take on Mike Mignola’s character that introduces him to a whole new generation (provided they can get into the movie of course).

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