The Last Jedi

star-wars-the-last-jedi1-700x346After months of speculation, those sly dogs over at Lucasfilm released a major update on Star Wars Episode 8 this week. No, it wasn’t a trailer, but it was something just as important. The title.

The Last Jedi.

Now, there’s a lot to unpack here, first off being the mention of there being any “Jedi” at all. One can naturally assume that this is probably a reference to Luke Skywalker, since he was absent for the entirety of The Force Awakens. Some are inferring that it’s referring to Rey, but there’s also the fact that even though Rey is Force sensitive and was able to tap into it when she needed it against Kylo Ren, she still hasn’t gone through any training to become a Jedi, so her status as one isn’t there yet.

But, it’s important to notice one thing about this title, and it’s pretty deep Star Wars nerd territory. The plural of “Jedi” is “Jedi”. We’ve seen it in the title Return of the Jedi. We’ve overheard the term “Jedi” used when describing multiple members of the religion in the Prequels. It’s not something that’s overtly stated in the franchise, but it’s an important thing to take not of, especially in regard to this title (of course, one can argue that the correct grammar for the title would then be “The Last of The Jedi’, but still).

My thoughts on it? I’m thinking it refers to BOTH Luke and Rey. Luke is the named “Last Jedi”, and after Rey’s training, she too will be a “Last Jedi”. But since I’ve already mentioned that the plural form of Jedi is “Jedi”, this title could be referencing BOTH Luke and Rey. Luke redeemed his father and restarted the Jedi order, and even though he failed the first time out, Rey could be the last chance the Jedi have to come back to the galaxy. It could also mean that Luke dies at some point in this installment, leaving Rey as “the last Jedi” once her training is complete (however I don’t think that’s going to happen).

It’s kind of amazing what one title reveal can do to whip up a nerd frenzy in my brain, but already my mind is swirling at the implications of this title. At the very least, this title all but guarantees that we’ll definitely see more of Mark Hamill in this movie, and who knows, maybe even some back-story into how the Jedi fell apart under his watch. Hopefully next we’ll get a trailer to help stoke some of these theories.

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