Gold and Blue Team Assemble!

resurrxion-group-teaseLike most Marvel press releases, we now know the fallout of their next big event before it even began. Yes, the events of Inhumans vs. X-Men will lead to “RessurXion”, which will feature the return of the Gold and Blue teams of X-Men that were made popular in the 90’s. Until now we didn’t know who was going to be a part of these teams or the creative teams involved, but now we finally have an idea (and it probably hasn’t spoiled Inhumans vs. X-Men at all-not).

Let’s start off with the Gold team, which looks pretty much like the team we’ve been following in Jeff Lemire’s Extraordinary X-Men for the past year: Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Old Man Logan, and Rachel Grey. Lead by Kitty Pryde, this team is so similar to ones we’ve seen in the past that I’m surprised it’s not called “All-New Extraordinary X-Men”. But there’s something to be said about a team filled with familiar characters. A lot of X-Men fans have felt lost in recent years, like Marvel has been overlooking them. Perhaps this is Marvel’s attempt at winning back some of them. Marc Guggenheim, one of the producers of CW’s Arrow, is writing the series. He’s known for solid superhero tales, so I have hope that this series will see the X-Men out of the Limbo dimension and back interacting with other characters in the Marvel Universe.

While Gold sounds cool, the series I’m more interested in is X-Men Blue, which surprised me a lot, since it stars the time-displaced X-Men from All New X-Men (remember when that was a huge deal?). Written by Cullen Bunn, this series will have the younger X-Men from the past, but under the tutelage of Magneto. Initially I would’ve balked at the idea of seeing these younger versions again, but having Magneto, who as far as they know has always been a villain, lead them is really interesting. Plus Bunn has done phenomenal work on Magneto for the past few years. From his solo book to the recent Uncanny X-Men, Bunn has made Magneto into one of the best written characters in the Marvel universe right now, so hearing that he’ll be continuing his work on the Master of Magnetism in some form is pretty damn awesome.

Marvel hasn’t done a big push with the X-Men for a few years now, and it’s nice to see them treated as the major characters that they are supposed to be. This could be the turning point that X-Men fans have been waiting for. Now we just need to get them back on t-shirts.

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