Batfleck vs. Slade Wilson

deathstroke-dc-films-196995-1280x0Remember how we all assumed that the solo Ben Affleck Batman movie was going to have Batman taking on the residents of Arkham Asylum? Well, you can probably scrap that idea.

Last week Affleck tweeted out a video of the one and only Deathstroke. Otherwise known as Slade Wilson, Deathstroke is a major DC Villain who’s just recently become pretty popular thanks to appearances in Arrow, where he was played by Manu Bennett. Now with his profile raised amongst the “normies”, it’s time for him to take the main stage in the DC Cinematic Universe. But where was he going to show up? Justice League? Affleck’s solo Batman movie?

Well, according to numerous sources, he’s going to be the main villain in the solo Batman movie, due…at some point. This is a pretty insane deal, as many of us assumed the solo Batman movie would take place in Arkham Asylum and feature a host of different Batman villains. Having Deathstroke appear and be the main villain makes some think that the Arkham idea is no longer the case. While it’s a bummer that I won’t get to see new versions of classic Batman villains, the prospect of a down and dirty brawl between Batman and Deathstroke is too good to pass up.

But will we have to give up other Batman villains? It’s certainly possible that there could be other Batman villains in the solo Batman movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if they use Deathstroke as kind of a ringleader for other villains. Hell, you could even take “Knightfall” and switch it and have Deathstroke be the one to orchestrate a gauntlet of Batman villains for him to fight, thereby making Batman weaker when Deathstroke finally attacks. Or better yet, maybe I’ll finally see my dream of the Batman movies taking a “James Bond style” approach to their movies and open up with Batman finishing up a crime being perpetrated by another villain (it’s time for Firefly’s chance to shine!).

Of course, while we have a video of Deathstroke walking around, we don’t know who’s playing him. Lots of sites and rumors are pointing towards Joe Manganiello, who would be really, really awesome as Slade, but I’m not entirely sure that he’s going to do it. I really think Stephen Lang from Avatar would do a good job, assuming he’s not going to play Cable in Deadpool 2. I saw one commenter on a sight mention Jon Hamm’s name for the role, and while I definitely know he’d never do it, the idea of him as Slade Wilson taking on Batman is too cool (especially since it would be like a reunion of The Town, the underrated Affleck crime caper from 2010).

Regardless of who plays Deathstroke, the fact that we’re seeing a new take on the character so soon after his profile was raised on Arrow is pretty cool. Sure, this person might not be as good as Manu Bennett was, but it’ll be interesting to see how Ben Affleck’s Batman fairs against this world-class assassin. Who knows? Maybe we’ll finally have a batman villain on screen that’s a worthy opponent of the Dark Knight.

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