Boston Comic Con 2016!

13882320_10102153283564381_1947982672914352224_nThis past weekend was Boston Comic Con 2016, and what a time it was. Amid the throngs of Harley Quinns (the Suicide Squad movie version is the new favorite folks) and Deadpools were some pretty awesome creators, actors, and vendors. While it was a balmy 80 degrees (with what felt like 92% humidity) inside of the convention center, the near tropical conditions didn’t damper my expectations one bit.

The lines, however, were a different story.

It’s not a surprise that you’ll have to wait in line for a big name creator at a convention. Hell, I immediately went over to Gillian Anderson’s booth and gladly parked myself in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s line and waited for two and half hours for them to show up. But when you have to do it multiple times in a day, it really starts to wear you down. Towards the midway point of the con I had abandoned my backpack at my car, bailing on getting Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti’s autograph on my new Harley Quinn #1 (probably for the best, as I’m not the biggest fan of their run on Harley).

Some creators though ended up taking a “deli counter” approach to having their books IMG_6941signed. Terry Dodson was one of them, and while I was surprised that he had people coming back for ticketed times, the end result was me getting to go back at 2 in the afternoon and have an awesome chat with him about his Marvel Knights Spider-Man run with Mark Millar. Hell, he even drew a quick Black Cat sketch in the book for me while we were chatting! In all honesty, this approach worked the best. I could go walk around the show, knowing that I had a guaranteed time when I could go up to a creator and have my item signed or chat with them. It’s a wonder to me why Boston Comic Con didn’t do this with every guest.

It was announced this weekend that Boston Comic Con has been purchased by Informa, the company behind Fan Expo Canada, Fan Expo Dallas, and a slew of other conventions, and while the effects definitely weren’t felt at this year’s show, I expect next year to look completely different. While this means the show will probably get bigger comic creators and even more actors, I expect the vendor space and artist alley to take a huge hit. With Informa taking a big stake in Boston Comic Con, they’re going to want to make their money back. But if that comes at the cost of making Boston Comic Con unaffordable, it may backfire on them. There’s only so many $60 autographs people can buy after all.

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