Does Whatever a PS4 Can

27046534534059ff73a97ojpg-bf6797_765wFor a while now, this Spider-Man fan has been suffering. Since the release of Shattered Dimensions 5 years ago, Spider-Man games have routinely dipped in quality, bottoming out with the Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game, which somehow had a worse Green Goblin than the one in the movie. With my other favorite superhero kicking ass and taking names with the Arkham series, why was Spider-Man being delegated to decreasing returns as the consoles got more and more powerful? All I needed was a studio to take the reins on the character and return him to his former video game glory.

Well, it seems like my prayers have been answered, as last week’s Sony E3 press conference revealed the rumored Spider-Man game coming from Insomniac games. Not being tied to any movie or comic, Insomniac is looking to create their own Spider-Man universe, not unlike what Rocksteady did with Batman. But what can we expect from an Insomniac games Spider-Man game? Details are still under wraps, but that doesn’t mean we can get the speculatin’ game going!

The teaser trailer showcases a lot of really cool stuff, like improved graphics, some awesome Spidey parkour moves, and really cool combat. But it also gives us a clue as to at least one of the villains appearing in the game: Mr. Negative. Now, Mr. Negative is far from a favorite Spidey villain of mine, but it’s impressive that of all of the Spidey villains that Insomniac could choose from, they picked him. Sure, he’s got a good supply of nameless goons, but other than that, he’s a pretty deep cut from a hero with villains like Sandman, Doc Ock, and the Green Goblin.

Perhaps the use of Mr. Negative, who’s connected to the New York underworld, is a hint that Spidey’s game will deal with a more grounded plot. After all, previous games have featured Symbiote invasions of New York City, alternate dimensions, and even Spidey interacting with his future self in the year 2099, so going back to reality isn’t a bad choice at all. It would be cool to have Spidey in the midst of a power vacuum in the New York crime world, something that hasn’t been covered much in any of Spidey’s games. Imagine Mr. Negative, Tombstone, Hammerhead, and Hobgoblin all duking it out for a stake in Kingpin’s empire. That would make for a pretty cool story, and would allow for some varied enemies for Spidey to take on.

Or maybe Mr. Negative is just a villain thrown into a game that features tons of other Spider-Man baddies. I love, love, LOVE the original Playstation game, and have long believed that if a developer did a remake of that game and released it today, it would sell just as well as it did back in the day. What made that game work so well was that it features every major Spider-Man villain, and really made you feel like you were living the life of the wall-crawler. It would be really interesting for Insomniac to “buck the trend” and have a comic book game that is just a series of different crimes instead of part of an over-arching plot. Of course, you could have a “main bad buy” controlling the scenes in the background, but how cool would it be to have an open-world game where you just stop different criminal plots as they popped up, instead of having every villain connected to each other? It would make for the most true-life superhero game of all time.

Of course, I’m also hoping for tons of unlockables in Insomniac’s Spider-Man, and not just because I’m not a big fan of the wall-crawler’s new costume (yes, I know that you’ll probably be able to change it). I know it’s a long shot, but it would be cool if Insomniac took a page from (again) the original Playstation Spidey game and gave different costumes different abilities. The black costume would have unlimited webbing, a Parker Industries suit could allow you to seek out bonus levels and secrets, and a Superior Spider-Man costume could make your punches heavier and attacks more brutal. It’s a tall order I know, and I should just be happy with a new Spidey game, but these little touches would add a LOT to the replayability of this new game. Not to mention that they could do some Spider-Gwen DLC, which would cause my brain to implode.

I’m very hopeful for Insomniac’s new Spider-Man game, and I’m really excited that I might finally see my favorite superhero in an awesome game again. While we don’t have a ton of details yet, that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be checking out the Insomniac website daily. The wait for 2017 is going to be a really long one.

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