The Rebirth is Upon Us…

STL007326-600x923At Saturday’s Wonder Con panel, DC Comics unveiled the creative teams behind their upcoming “DC Rebirth” event, the line-wide relaunch that will help put DC’s universe back on the right path. Like with any relaunch, there’s a lot of cool stuff, and some disappointments (*COUGH* Scott Lobdell). But let’s not focus on the bad. Instead, let’s take a look at some of the titles that I’m most looking forward to in the relaunch.




Detective ComicsSTL007345-600x911

Sure, David Finch will be drawing the regular Batman book, but does ANYONE think he’ll be able to make a twice a month schedule (even with different artists swapping out every few issues)? Surprisingly, the Batman book in DC Rebirth that I’m most looking forward to is Detective Comics, which will restart its “legacy numbering” at 934 with DC Rebirth. Written by James Tynion IV and drawn by Eddy Barrows, this book will be the Batman family book that’s been sorely missing from DC lately. Tynion describes the book as “Batman boot camp”, and will feature Batman and Batwoman training Red Robin, Spoiler, Cassandra Cain, and even Clayface in the ways of crime fighting. Tynion’s been working on Batman stuff under Scott Snyder for years now, and with the awesome Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles miniseries under his belt he’s now primed to take on his own Batman book.


all-star-batman-176085 All-Star Batman

Speaking of Scott Snyder, you didn’t think he’d be done with the Batman so soon, did you? No way. In fact, DC Comics is starting up a NEW Batman series called All-Star Batman, which will team Snyder with superstar artists John Romita, Jr., Jock, and Sean Murphy for tales that will feature different members of Batman’s rogues gallery. While I’m not the biggest fan of Jr Jr’s current work, I gotta admit, having Snyder reteam with Jock and Sean Murphy has guaranteed that I’m going to pick this bad boy up. As good as Snyder’s run was on Batman, he only touched on a few members of Batman’s baddies, so seeing him take on some other villains will be pretty cool to see.



So I haven’t been the biggest fan of Grayson, the DC series that has taken Batman’s first sidekick and made him into a secret agent. In fact, I’ve been waiting patiently for DC to revert Dick Grayson back into Nightwing since Grayson was announced. Well, luckily for me, it’s happening with DC Rebirth, and even though it has Grayson writer Tim Seeley attached, I’m still pretty excited. Nightwing will follow the events of Grayson, so it’ll be interesting to see how DC puts the genie back in the bottle for Nightwing, who had to become a secret agent after his identity was revealed. We still don’t have much to go on plot wise, but just seeing the promotional art with Nightwing in his original blue and black suit has got me very excited.


STL007333-600x923The Flash

Are you reading Image Comics Birthright? If so, then you’ll know why I’m so pumped to read the new Flash comic coming from DC Rebirth. Written by Birthright creator Joshua Williamson, this sounds like it’ll be a series more in line with the Flash TV show on the CW. While Williamson’s work at Marvel hasn’t been great, he also hasn’t been given a major character there. He’s got a ton of potential that will hopefully be fulfilled when he takes on the Scarlet Speedster.



Action ComicsSTL007344-600x911

Dan Jurgens is a legend when it comes to the Man of Steel, and he’s got something very interesting planned for the DC Rebirth of Action Comics. Instead of starring the “New 52” version of Superman, Action Comics (which will also go back to its old numbering), will follow the pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lois Lane from the current Superman: Lois and Clark series. It’s definitely a weird choice, but this reveal, plus showing Lex Luthor with Superman-esque powers, looks really awesome.




Peter J Tomasi and Patrick Gleason had one of the most underrated books of the New 52 with Batman & Robin, and now this stellar team will take on Superman in DC Rebirth. Tomasi and Gleason are two of the best writer and artist teams in comics, and I can’t wait to see what they have planned for Superman (and how it plays into Action Comics).





Wonder WomanSTL007343-600x923

After Batman V Superman, I’m chomping at the bit for more Wonder Woman, and it looks like DC Rebirth will be the time to jump in, as none other than Greg Rucka will be taking over the series with artist Nicola Scott. The Black Magick pair will be turning their sites onto the Amazonian Warrior, and holy hell, just look at the artwork. How could you not want to read that?





STL008078-600x923Green Arrow

There are a few current DC writers that will be moving over to the DC Rebirth, and a lot of them (Harley Quinn especially) have me feeling a little bummed that DC didn’t try for some new blood. However, the one I am excited about is Benjamin Percy staying on Green Arrow. While his current run as gone a bit off the rails, it looks like the DC Rebirth will give him a good chance to get back on track. Plus, Oliver Queen has his goatee back!


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