J. Jonah Gordon and the Spectacular Civil War

12803206_10153489823331452_7400272199164835450_nMan, what a week to be a nerd. We unexpectedly have our new Commissioner Gordon, AND a new trailer for Captain America: Civil War. I’ll get to the Team Cap and Team Iron Man showcase later, but first let’s talk about our new Commissioner for Gotham City: J.K. Simmons is James Gordon.

Yes, the actor is trading his flattop and cigar for glasses and a trench coat, going from his iconic role as J. Jonah Jameson in the original Spider-Man trilogy to the head of the Gotham City Police Department. Honestly he’s one of the last actors I ever expected to be cast, and while I was hoping for Bryan Cranston, I think he’s going to be fantastic in the role. But there’s a catch. With Simmons taking on this role, he probably can’t be J. Jonah Jameson in the Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures Spider-Man reboot. Simmons had been “in talks” with both studios for some mysterious reason, and it seemed like he was going to be returning. But unfortunately, it looks like this may not be happening again any time soon.

But what is happening? Civil War, which got a brand new trailer that features…

Seriously, I’m going to talk about it, and if you haven’t gotten a chance to watch the trailer, or are trying to avoid it, this is your LAST CHANCE.

Still here? Okay then.



Yes, the webslinger makes an appearance in the latest trailer, and it’s GLORIOUS. I never in a million years thought Spidey would show up in the trailer, but he does, and he looks pretty rockin’. The suit is an awesome modernization of the original Ditko/Romita drawings from the early Spidey comics, from the fat spider on his chest to the design of his eyes.

Speaking of those eyes, they friggin’ squint! How? Well, looking at the hi-res image of thespideyhiresfull costume (yes, I have the time), you can see that there are lines on the black borders of his eyes. I’m thinking that’s an upgrade from Tony Stark that allows his costume to show more expression. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if his whole outfit is a gift from Tony, and when we first see him in the movie he’ll have a homemade costume similar to what he wore in the origin stories of his first two origin movies.

The Civil War trailer didn’t only feature Spidey though. We also got more of Black Panther staring down a helicopter that’s SHOOTING at him, Iron Man and Captain America throwing punches, and Ant-Man hitching a ride on one of Hawkeye’s arrows. Oh yeah, and Spider-Man. God I can’t wait to see him interact with Cap and Iron Man. I’m getting chills just imagining it.

I was already pumped for Civil War, but this trailer has kick-started the hype even more for me. My tickets are bought; I’ve picked my side. The wait for May has just gotten that much longer.

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