The Rebirth Is Upon Us

rebirth1What we long expected has come true: DC Comics is relaunching in June. But, it’s not a reboot according to Co-Publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. In fact, early reports are making this seem like an “un-reboot”, with a creative direction that looks to honor the past of DC’s iconic titles and characters. While it’s hard to get excited about ANOTHER relaunch with new #1’s from one of the big two, I have to admit, I’m more optimistic about this than I was with Marvel’s recent “All-New All-Different” relaunch, and that stems from one thing: direction.

In the DC Rebirth announcement video, CCO Geoff Johns states that he’s been meeting with each and every creative team of the Rebirth books, with the intention of ensuring that their views on the characters they are writing fit in line with what DC wants for the characters. That sounds pretty damn awesome to me honestly. One of the biggest complaints about DC recently is how disjointed and strange their universe feels. Hal Jordan as a “renegade Green Lantern”, Dick Grayson being a Secret Agent, and a depowered Superman all feel like steps in the wrong direction, and many readers simply aren’t happy with them. Even the mighty Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo aren’t immune to it, with their “Jim Gordon as Batman” storyline’s conclusion feeling a little rushed.

In short, DC has been losing ground, and it sounds like they are finally acknowledging it and fixing it with their best reboot man, Geoff Johns. Johns is THE writer to reboot franchises, and after penning Green Lantern Rebirth, Flash Rebirth, and Flashpoint, I can think of no better person to be overseeing this relaunch. Unlike Marvel, who are seemingly just throwing anything at the wall to see if it sticks for “All-New All-Different”, there seems to be a theme of legacy and wanting to get back to basics with DC Rebirth, and if that brings us stronger comics, then the goal has been met.

Speaking of the comics, that’s another plus in DC’s column. No, I’m still not getting a Black Adam series (seriously, why haven’t they done one yet), but we are getting Dick Grayson back as Nightwing in, well, Nightwing, and while Red Hood will still have The Outlaws tagging along in a monthly series, I’m hoping that this means we’ll get a better creative team on it. Plus, rumors are swirling that Marguerite Bennett, the awesome writer of DC Bombshells and Dynamite’s Red Sonja will be taking over Wonder Woman, and that we might even get a Brian Azzarello written Lex Luthor series. There are already more titles in DC Rebirth that have me interested than in Marvel’s last relaunch, plus there’s the added benefit of the books all having a $2.99 price point, which I’m sure makes a lot of budget-conscious comic fans very happy.

rebirth1“DC Rebirth” seems to be the result of a company looking at their product and recognizing that it’s not up to the standards that they want. Sure, at the end of the day DC also wants to make money and having new #1 issues helps, but if that was their only reason for relaunching, why have Geoff Johns come out and tell people that he’s taking such a hands-on approach to this? They could’ve just tried to pull another Convergence on us and been done with it. While I doubt Rebirth will hit the highs for DC like the New 52 did, the fact that they are willing to admit their mistakes and try to correct them is pretty fantastic in my eyes, and gives me a lot of faith in yet another relaunch.

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