My Name Is Miles Morales

spider-man-miles-moralesFor the past few weeks, I’ve been catching up on Brian Michael Bendis’ Ultimate Comics Spider-Man in preparation for Miles Morales’ insertion into the “regular” Marvel Universe. While I’m still a little wary about having two Spider-men running around in the main Marvel Universe, I’ve been having a blast reading Miles’ adventures as he figures out a way to live up to the legacy Peter Parker left behind. But while reading it, a thought arrived into my head that’s so perfect I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet: Miles Morales is perfect for a Spider-Man TV show.

With CW and WB cleaning house with Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl, Marvel really needs to step up their network TV game, and what better way to do it than with Miles Morales?

Think about it. Using Miles would allow creators to tap back into what makes Spider-Man so special: being a teenage superhero. Not only that, but Marvel and Sony would also be able to not be accused of rebooting Spider-Man again. Having Miles take place in an alternate history where Peter Parker has died and he’s the new Spider-Man would be extremely interesting, and could rival The Flash for crazy superhero action. Plus, it works in a similar way that Batman Beyond worked: a new, younger hero learning to embrace the legacy of the man who held the title before him. But unlike Beyond, Miles could not only fight his own set of new villains, but also previous ones who fought Peter Parker too.

Just imagine the Arrow-style opening monologue from Miles:

“My name is Miles Morales. Months ago, I was bitten by a genetically altered spider and I gained incredible abilities. Afraid, I kept my powers a secret. But when the world needed a new hero, I learned that “with great power comes great responsibility”, and embraced my destiny. I am Spider-Man”.

A Spider-Man TV show, especially one starring Miles Morales, would be the perfect fit for the character. A 12-episode season would allow creators to delve into more of Morale’s back-story and would let writers throw in more characterizations than a 2-hour movie could. Not only that, but it would allow Spider-Man fans to have both versions of the character existing in different forms of media. While Marvel Studios’ overall game plan is revolved around having a large interconnected universe between their movie and TV properties, a Miles Morales series could exist in a separate universe, but they could always do a Spider-Men style event, or have Miles cross over with the MCU in Infinity War, much like what’s happening currently in the Marvel Universe.

Miles Morales is a very cool and very important character, so why shouldn’t he be the first Spider-Man to star in a live action Spider-Man TV show (no, the 1970’s show does not count)? Marvel Studios is known for making huge steps and taking chances, and giving Miles a starring role would be perfect. It’s such a smart idea that I’m shocked it wasn’t announced when Marvel and Sony first announced their Spider-Man deal. It may be because Marvel can’t use Spidey on TV, but I’m sure once Sony starts raking in the cash from their deal they’ll probably look for more ways to fatten their wallets. Screw more Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-offs; give us a Miles Morales show.

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