Civil War…Again.

marvel10n-5-webLast weekend, the first details on Civil War 2 hit, and…it’s pretty much exactly what you’re expecting if you’ve read any of Marvel’s events in the past five years. In fact, it sounds like it’s a combination of not only the original Civil War, but also Avengers vs. X-Men. The plot for Civil War 2 revolves around the arrival of a new super powered being than can see into the future, which sounds an awful lot like the plot for Avengers vs. X-Men (just swap “new phoenix host” with “new super powered being”). Naturally, this causes a few of the Marvel heroes deciding that they can use this power to prevent crimes before they happen, while others believe that they can’t have this amount of power. Because this is a Marvel tie-in, they’ll be duking it out before coming to a resolution.

Oh, and someone will die.

I know, I know. A Marvel character will die. Must be the 6-month mark for Marvel. To say that this is a surprise is like saying ice cream is cold. Death in the Marvel universe has become such a joke that its hard not to laugh at how much of a big deal many of the nerd sites are making out of this. How anyone can read the news about Civil War 2 and not roll their eyes is pretty amazing to me. Again, we’re getting a massive crossover event that will only change things for the next 2 months, after which whatever character will “die” will be back.

But I digress. Civil War 2 will apparently have a team consisting of Iron Man, Sam Wilson Captain America, and Black Panther squaring off against Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, and a few other heroes. Yes, the twist here is that Cap and Iron Man are on the SAME SIDE! So far, the bets on who will die are War Machine and She-Hulk, and, no offense to either of them, they are not big enough to have deaths that will matter. Even with War Machine appearing in the MCU, he’s still a B-Level character.

So yeah, Civil War 2 is mashing up two prior Marvel events and trying to pass them off as a brand new one. It’s a little ridiculous coming from a place that once prided itself on being “The House of Ideas”. In fact, there’s nothing about this event announcement to convince me that this is anything but a cash grab event to coincide with the release of Captain America: Civil War. I want it to be good, but I’m not expecting much from it. While Secret Wars was one of the better Marvel events in my opinion, they really need to cool it after this. How many Age of Ultrons and AXIS events will we have to suffer through before enough is enough?

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