The Time of the Preacher

preacher-amcWell, we finally have it, our first look at AMC’s Preacher. After being released last night during The Walking Dead, the trailer finally has eyes on it, but some people re surprised by the tone and story that’s hinted at in the trailer. Tulip and Cassidy hardly factor into it, and Dominic Cooper’s Jesse Custer seems to be more of a pastor that beats the crap out of the scumbags in his town than a disillusioned (and slightly possessed) preacher who decides to find out why God abandoned humanity.

Preacher is all about the weird. Fallen angels host orgies. Hillbillies have…”relationships” with animals, skulls, and hosts of other things. There’s an immortal gunslinger sent by heaven called “The Saint of Killers” (who’s completely badass, by the way). Hell, one of the three lead characters is a friggin’ VAMPIRE. Yet, none of that is in the trailer. There’s no sign of the weird supernatural stuff that occurs in Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s series in this TV adaptation, and that could hurt the show’s chances in the long run.

Of course, this might all be due to the fact that this is a trailer for a series. A very, very dark series if it’s going to faithfully follow the comic it’s based on. Preacher is probably the bleakest, darkest comic I’ve read (as of writing this I’m about 30 issues in). There’s mutilations, nihilistic looks at religion, hillbillies, and tons and tons of violence. Not to mention a character named “Arseface”. It’s a lot to take in even just by reading the comic, so I’m not surprised that AMC shied away from some of the darker aspects that comic readers know of the series.

But it does make me wonder just how Preacher will be. As much as I hate to say it, I won’t be surprised if the more shocking elements of Preacher are cut out to make it appeal to the Walking Dead audience. Since Breaking Bad and Mad Men have ended, AMC has been desperate for another TV hit, and nearly everything they’ve tried to put out has stalled after the first season. However, Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon are serving as executive producers, so maybe there won’t be as many changes. Or their input won’t be taken into consideration.

In all honesty, I’m shocked that a Preacher anything is coming to live action. I’m intrigued, sure, but there’s a part of me that’s preparing myself to having it not be like the comic at all. As someone who accepts that sometimes changes have to be made to adapt a story into a different medium, I suppose I’m alright with minor changes to Preacher, but at the same time, if Seth Rogen and his production team have to change too much of the original story to get it on TV, then what’s the point in even adapting it? I suppose the plus side would be getting more people to check out the comic, but even then they might be too weirded out by the show to give it a shot.

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