Civil War: Round Two?

civil-photo-01873Here we go again.

That’s honestly the only thing that I can say after seeing the tease for Civil War 2. Yes, the big storyline that’s being used on the silver screen in Captain America: Civil War is getting a sequel, and no, we know nothing about it, other than it’s going to have the new Iron Man fight Sam Wilson’s Captain America.

Marvel’s announcement didn’t initially come in a big, splashy press release that the company is known for. Instead, it came in the form of a postcard sent to a retailer in California. One side depicted the two heroes facing off, and the other just had the Roman numeral II in the same font as the original Civil War series. That’s really all we have to go off of, and while I’ll admit that it’s ridiculous to automatically start hating on this idea, at first glance it sounds pretty dumb. The main set up for the original Civil War was fantastic (even if it did cause some characters to behave irregularly). What will Marvel do for the sequel? Have another Superhuman Registration Act happen?

I suppose this could give Marvel the chance to do something to get Steve Rogers back in the Cap suit. Perhaps Sam Wilson is injured during the course of the story, and this causes Steve to have to suit up as Captain America again. Or maybe the twist could be that Steve and Tony are both on the same side this time. After all, the big plot point for Sam Wilson: Captain America is that Sam and Steve aren’t seeing eye to eye on something. Maybe the Iron Man vs. FalCap image is a bait and switch, and it’s actually going to be a war of the Captain Americas?

Much like Hollywood’s recent trend in rebooting and remaking past properties, it seems like Marvel’s starting to take a cue from that book and redoing Civil War. The timing is certainly right for Cap’s third movie, but after releaunching another book called Secret Wars and it’s huge amount of tie-ins (which INCLUDED one that was a Civil War title), it seems like it’s a little too soon to suddenly have another spin on the Civil War plot point. While it’s possible that Civil War II, or whatever it ends up being, could be as good as the original, I’m not holding my breath.

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