Superhero TV Preview

cw-dc-superhero-crossoverWith Fall in full swing, it’s time for the start of the new seasons of TV. And now more than ever, comics’ TV takeover has swept through the network landscape like never before. With so many comic book TV shows coming our way, what seasons and debuts should you be on the lookout for? Well fret not, loyal readers; I’ve got the rundown for you.


The fourth season of Oliver Queen’s journey picks up after the surprising end of season three, which found Oliver retiring the Arrow persona and settling down with Felicity. This season obviously finds Oliver returning to Starling City (now “rebranded” as Star City), and somehow returning to his crime fighting ways. Thea is now in the crime fighting biz, along with Diggle, who’s going to be rocking a pretty ridiculous looking helmet. All signs are pointing to Oliver adding the word “Green” in front of “Arrow”, and while my excitement is lessened after an uneven third season, I’m still going to be tuning in.





Agents-of-SHIELD-season-3-Secret-Warriors-PosterAgents of SHIELD

Marvel’s first TV Show definitely started to pick up steam in its second season, and it seems like the upcoming third season will continue that trend as well. With the inclusion of the Inhumans, AoS is now finally starting to feel more like piece of the MCU, and hopefully we’ll see more connections with Marvel’s movie. Speaking of which, I’m pretty intrigued by what implications Civil War will have on this series, even though the show probably won’t have much time to delve into it.





The FlashThe_Flash_season_2_costume_promotional

Easily my most anticipated returning show, CW’s The Flash has been a non-stop awesome ride from start to finish. The Grant Gustin starring series has taken a lot of the goofy aspects of The Flash but played them seriously, and it’s worked extremely well for them. While I’m a little wary about what this season will bring (almost every major Flash villain and plot point was used in season 1), the inclusion of Jay Garrick and the hints at a multiverse have my mind buzzing with excitement.





It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Gotham. This Batman fan found the first season to be more infuriating than fun, mainly because I questioned nearly every single aspect of the show. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like season two will do anything to get me to watch again. Continuing to hint at the identity of the Joker (a cardinal sin in my book) is pretty much a guarantee to get me to not watch, but if the show suddenly time jumps 15 years and becomes Gotham Central (aka the show it SHOULD have been), maybe then I’ll tune in.





I’m actually pretty intrigued by Supergirl. Melissa Benoist looks like she’s having a blast playing the character, and seeing her in costume interacting with the Girl Scouts of America and other young girls has warmed my cold nerd heart. Sure, the first glimpse of Red Tornado doesn’t look great, and the first trailer was a little too Devil Wears Prada for my tastes, but I’m still going to check out the show, at least so a show starring a female superhero gets some decent ratings.




So there you have it. Pretty soon we’ll be seeing our favorite heroes and villains on the small screen again. With the amount of comic book based stuff hitting the T V and movies, it’s a great time to be a comic book fan, and I have to say, there are moments where I can’t believe the things I’m seeing on my TV.

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  1. I must have missed that finale episode of Arrow… lol. Supergirl looks great. Saw the first episode online when it was accidentally released… Gotham is still on? ha.

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