Summer Movie Show Down!

17416884-mmmainIt’s official: Fall is here. And with the turning of the leaves comes the end of the Summer, and more importantly, the end of the summer movie season. This year saw 3 big comic book movies. One was surprisingly a lot of fun, one wasn’t as good as it’s predecessor but was as still a good time, and the other was so bad that it’s not even worth bringing up. With the onslaught of Comic Book films coming our way in 2016, it’s kind of surprising to see the small showing that superheroes had in 2015. Perhaps the big studios were giving us a breather before Batman V Superman, Civil War, Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Suicide Squad hit us next year? That may be, but this isn’t a time a to look ahead, it’s a time to look back. So, let’s take a look at the big movies of the summer, and crown our winner!


10869325_591589580977275_2778898650041679518_oAvengers: Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron didn’t do what Disney and Marvel Studios were hoping it would. Despite this, the latest adventure for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was still a lot of fun. Sure, things got a little weird with Thor’s trip to the cave and at times the movie seemed to be in fast-forward (how exactly was Vision brought to life anyways), but Ultron gets points because it gave me yet another thing I thought I’d never see on the big screen: The Vision fighting alongside the Avengers. That alone was enough for me to forgive turning Ultron into essentially the MCU’s version of Sideshow Bob.




Jurassic Worlddownload

Colin Trevorrow’s return to the Dino Park was a lot of fun, and in my opinion one of the stronger movies of the summer. Sure, the movie had its detractors, but I honestly don’t get any of the hate that this movie received, especially since it’s now one of the highest grossing movies EVER. Chris Pratt proved that he’s our generation’s leading man with this one, and while I’m not entirely sold on the idea of a sequel, that doesn’t mean I won’t be there opening day for it.





Speaking of seeing things that I’d never though I’d see, Ant-Man finally hit theaters this summer. A refreshing change of pace from the other MCU movies, the Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas starring MCU film almost didn’t get made, but I’m glad it did. The more character-based focus on Rudd’s Scott Lang was great, and there were plenty of moments that were actually legitimately funny. Ever since original director Edgar Wright bailed on the project, everyone wrote it off. But the end result was a lot of fun. In fact, I might like it more than Age of Ultron….




Mad Max: Fury Road212061

Who would’ve thought that a movie that’s a reboot of a decades old franchise would be so kick ass? George Miller’s return to the world of Max was incredible, even with the fact that Tom Hardy’s Max is more of a side character than the lead. Fury Road is one of the best action movies I’ve seen in years, and never let up from the moment the movie started. Plus Charlize Theron was one of the most badass female characters in cinema history.





Inside OutMV5BOTgxMDQwMDk0OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjU5OTg2NDE@._V1_SX640_SY720_

Once again, Pixar’s mission to make me cry worked. Taking place inside of a young girl’s head, the animation studios’ peak inside the mind of preteen girl was hilarious, heartwarming, heartbreaking, and all around fantastic. With a pedigree that includes films like Toy Story, Wall-E, and Up, Pixar always has pretty big expectations to live up to, and with Inside Out, they more than exceeded them.






fan4-2Fantastic Four

The less said about this movie the better.









It’s actually a pretty tight race, but I’m going to give it to Fury Road. I’m still thinking about that movie months after seeing it. Yeah, it’s not a superhero movie, but the latest from George Miller was better than any of the other summer films that came out this year. Yeah, I said it. Here’s hoping to a return to the Wastelands with Max.

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