Tony Hits The Jackpot?

55f2ee5f5fb32-151034Marvel has been saying since the announcement of the “All-New, All-Different” relaunch that things were going to be a little different. And after Friday’s announcement that Mary Jane Watson is joining the cast of Brian Michael Bendis’ Invincible Iron Man, Marvel’s definitely living up to the “Different” aspect of the name. Of course, being the huge Spider-Man fan that I am, I have a few opinions on this news.

First off, I’m not initially opposed to the idea of Mary Jane showing up in Iron Man’s book. Supporting Marvel characters pop in and out of other character’s books a lot, from Rick Jones to Ben Urich. However, it is pretty weird that a character as strongly associated with Spider-Man as MJ is is going to be jumping to Tony Stark’s book, and the rumored reason for why she’s popping up in the book is what bothers me the most.

You see the rumor going around is that Mary Jane and Tony Stark are going to be dating. I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

My gut reaction to this? It’s a bad idea, and gross. Bendis has stated that Tony and MJ have a “long history” together, and even though the events of “One More Day” erased Peter and MJ’s marriage, all of the events that took place while they were married still happened, Peter and MJ were just living together instead of married. This means that Mary Jane lived in Avengers Tower with Peter prior to Civil War, a time where Tony took Peter under his wing and was almost like a father figure to him. Hell, Tony even seemed like a father figure for MJ as well. While this period in Spidey’s history was brief (and a little complicated due to the events of OMD and “One Moment In Time”), it’s still very important, and makes these two getting together just feel, well, gross. It’s like seeing that couple that you’re friends with break up, and the girl in the couple dating your teacher or something. It’s just weird.

Even though I’m not a fan of this rumor (cause that’s what it is for now), I’m still going to read Bendis’ Iron Man run to see if it is as bad as I’m expecting. I’m hoping for another Superior Spider-Man scenario, as I was vehemently against that decision and ended up loving it, but I’m not expecting that I’ll have a similar reaction to this.

Of course, this is comics, and more importantly, a Marvel comic, which means that this status quo will probably last no longer than 6 months (maybe a year), and in a few years from now we can all look back on this weird period of Iron Man and Spider-Man history and say “remember when Marvel and Bendis tried to have MJ date Tony Stark? Man, that was dumb”.

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